Use Case Spotlight: Making the Most of the Mage Class

Illustration by James Danger

Which is the best Class? Well, the Habitica team might be biased, but we love all our children equally. Warrior, Rogue, Healer, Mage — they all have their own advantages, and the choice is down to what suits you best and what you find motivating. Do you want to do massive damage in Quests? Or are you more interested in hoarding all the Gold you possibly can?

To make your choice a little easier, this month’s Use Case Spotlight is the last in our series highlighting how our users get the most out of each class. In this case, we’re discussing the Mage Class!

hiandbye is new to the Mage class, but summarizes the reasons to love it:

It’s my first “playthrough” and I picked the mage class and I’m very happy about my choice. You can get so much experience on your own with Burst of Flames, it’s ridiculous. […] I’m just blasting through levels; after around half a year of using Habitica I’m at level 57 already. Whenever my health gets low, I don’t buy health potions, I just level up instead.

Also, I like seeing the streaks on my dailies rise. Casting Chilling Frost helps with days where you don’t feel like doing anything but it’ll drain your mana even faster.

Of course, Mana regenerates slowly, so these skills allow for only a few days of lazyness before I have to square up and dilligently complete all my Dailies. But I like it like that.

8749Dayton has a Warrior’s perspective on the best Mage skill:

Warrior player here. One thing I love about my party is that mage players collaborate with others to maximize the effectiveness of ethereal surge. It’s helped save lives of members and helps me deal a ton more damage on bosses. So if you’re playing mage use ethereal surge. I see so many people talking about how much exp you gain with flame burst but you as a mage player can be the reason some people didn’t die, the warriors did more damage than they originally could have, or having more buffs to stats from other party members. TLDR ethereal surge is an amazing skill so collab with your party to maximize its value

Cyn has tips about making the most of your INT stat:

Mage tips: raise your Intelligence as high as possible. Feel free to use few Burst of Flames whenever you are participating in a party quest. With high Intelligence, you’ll be gaining levels in no time (not to mention you’ll have an increased mana pool and faster mana regen)

Finally, I (shanaqui) added a little thought of my own about the benefits of the Mage class versus keeping the game balanced:

I think for me there’s one major thing about the Mage class that’s both a pro and a con, depending on your play-style: almost everything goes faster with a Mage! I usually switch to Mage when things are feeling a little slow, either in terms of levelling or also in quests (since you can speed through all Boss quests with the help of Burst of Flames). In the end, I usually alternate Mage and Rogue, so I can match that quick progress with increased drops to actually feed up those quest pets!

This month’s focus was on Mages, but if you’re interested in one of the other classes, don’t worry! We’ve already covered Warriors, Healers and Rogues, and you can find the links below at the end of the post.

We’ve covered each of the classes now, so next month’s Use Case Spotlight will be on a new topic! If you chip in on the next discussion, you could find your own post highlighted in next month’s roundup. We’d love to hear from you, so check out the Use Case Spotlights Guild for other tips, and to add your perspective!

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