A Guide for Beginning Adventurers

Illustration by Kiwibot and Breadstrings

Greetings! Are you new to the world of Habitica? Have no fear, we’re here to help you get started on your productivity journey!

Our top recommended strategies for new adventurers are Establishing Your Tasks and Partying Up for Accountability. Then you’re free to learn more about Habitica in Where to Go Next!

1. Establish Your Tasks

What kinds of tasks should you track with Habitica? This is different for everyone, but as general guidelines we recommend you list anything that:

  • Requires effort to remember or do
  • Will help you establish a routine or stick to a schedule
  •  Is something you’d like to track, improve, or balance

Habitica offers three task types to help you list what you need to get done. These are Dailies, Habits, and To-Dos.

Dailies are things you need to complete on a regular schedule. Opening a Daily in edit mode will allow you to change its recurrence to daily, weekly, or even more options. Use Habits for actions you want to encourage (positive) or discourage (negative) that do not occur on a regular schedule. To-Dos are best for one-time or infrequent tasks.

Want to adjust your rewards or potential health loss for a particularly easy or hard task? You can adjust the difficulty of any of these tasks types by opening them in edit mode!

Want to know more? This article in the Habitica Wiki can give you more detailed information about establishing your tasks and includes links to lists of sample tasks to inspire you!

2. Party Up for Accountability!

Illustration by JamesDanger

One of the best ways to motivate yourself and hold yourself accountable for accomplishing your tasks is to join a party! A party is a group of Habitica players who participate in quests together to fight bosses, collect items, and earn rewards such as pets, XP, and gold.

When you complete tasks, you’ll help your party make progress in the quest. However, if you miss Dailies during a boss quest, the boss will attack both you and your party members for an amount of damage determined by the number and difficulty of the Dailies you missed.

When you start a party and invite another Habitican, you’ll receive a quest you can start right away! Look for The Basi-list Quest in your inventory and begin your first battle.

Have more questions? The Habitica Wiki has helpful articles about Parties and Quests  that are sure to give you all the information you need!

3. Where to Go Next:

Illustration by Rosemonkey

Ready to dive in deep and become a Habitica expert? Here are some more helpful tips and links to further reading.

Habitica Across Platforms: Habitica is available on web as well as on Android and iOS! Read more about different ways to use Habitica.

Customize Your Avatar: Learn about changing your avatar’s hair, body shape, and other customizations to make your character your own.

Check-In Prizes: Find out more about earning rewards – including special armor and weapons for your avatar, food for your pets, and badges – just for logging in!

Challenges: Read about how to join Challenges created by fellow Habiticans and create your own. Challenges add tasks related to a specific goal to your lists automatically! They also add an element of competition that may give you a motivation boost as you strive for the prize.

Guilds: Learn how to find fellow Habiticans with goals and interests that align with yours in our supportive and friendly community.

Pause Damage: Going on vacation? Feeling ill? Read how to pause your Dailies by resting in the Inn so that you don’t take damage when you are unable to complete them.

FAQs: Do you have more questions, or just a drive to learn everything about Habitica? Check out our handy FAQs!