Adventures in Habitica: October Challenge Spotlight!

Every month, we feature a few user-created Challenges! Join them for extra motivation, and compete with other users to win gems as you strive to meet your goals.

We’re nearing the end of the Fall Festival! There are a few days remaining to enjoy the following themed challenges:

Conquer your Deepest Darkest Red To Dos & attack the Burnout Boss” by kawunngg
Ends: When Burnout has been conquered
Prize: 1 gem
Goal: Motivate yourself to work on some of those dark red tasks

Add some extra incentive to strike some really old tasks off your to do list, and do extra damage to Burnout, who is still terrorizing the Tavern!

Clean the Dungeon: Fright Fight” by Sulfirh
Ends: October 31st
Prize: 5 gems
Goal: Extra incentive to complete all your dailies

Need an extra nudge (or maybe a little bit more XP and MP) to finish out ALL your dailies? Sulfirh’s challenge is a great way to add some extra oomph to the usual Perfect Day benefits.

Habitica Costume Challenge” by Lemoness
Ends: October 31st
Prize: The 2015 Costume Contest badge!
Goal: Put on some real world finery and show off your love of Habitica!

Habitoween comes but once a year, and in a few days, submissions will close for the Costume Contest! So pull on your best fancy pants (or shirt or dress or other garment) and snap a photo–we’re really looking forward to seeing your creativity and your real-life pets….

Weekly Status Report: Horned Goblin Item Set and Frog Pet Quest


The October Subscriber Item has been revealed… the Horned Goblin set! If you want the Goblin Horns or the Goblin Tail, be sure to subscribe by October 31st. Thanks for supporting the site!


Also, there’s a new Pet Quest available in the Quest Shop: Swamp of the Clutter Frog! Defeat the creature by completing your real-life tasks, and you’ll earn some princely frog eggs.

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Jack-O’-Lantern Pets And Mounts, Burnout Uses Exhaust Strike, And Costume Contest Reminder!

In honor of the Fall Festival, last week those of you who weren’t around last year received a pet Jack-O’-Lantern, and those of you who got one last year have received a Jack-O’-Lantern Mount!


In spookier news, Burnout the World Boss used its first Exhaust Strike, turning Ian the Quest Master into a drifting Exhaust Spirit!
Only defeating Burnout can break the spell and save him. Let’s keep our Dailies in check and defeat this monster before it attacks again! Learn more about Burnout and how to defeat World Bosses here.


Finally, don’t forget the Habitica Costume Contest! You have until October 31st to submit your costumes and earn the exclusive achievement. Good luck!

Weekly Status Report: Burnout Attacks, and October Backgrounds Are Revealed!

burnout2This week, the vicious BURNOUT began attacking Habitica! We need everyone’s help to defeat this World Boss. Follow the battle in the Tavern.

To learn more about World Bosses, check out the wiki.


In other news, there are three new avatar backgrounds in the Background Shop! Now your avatar can slog through a Slimy Swamp, cackle under the Harvest Moon, or shiver in the Swarming Darkness. Get them now.

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Spooky Pets, October Armoire Items, Product Hunt Feature, and Costume Challenge!

Halloween PetsPROMO

Between now and October 31st, you can buy Spooky Hatching Potions from the Market and use them to hatch any standard pet egg. They like all food, so you can raise them easily into mounts!

Also, there is new equipment in Enchanted Armoire, a 100 GP Reward in the Rewards Column which unlocks after you’ve attained Ultimate Gear! Click on the Enchanted Armoire for a random chance at special Equipment, including the Black Cat Hat, Orange Cat Hat, Midnight Shield, and Bat Wing Wand.


We’ve also launched the Community Costume Challenge! Between now and October 31st, dress up as your avatar in real life and post a photo on social media to get the coveted Costume Challenge badge! Read the full rules on the Challenge page.

Finally, our iOS app has been featured on Product Hunt.  Awesome!