Do Your Hardest Task First

This post is part of our new Wiki Wednesday feature, where once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

Drag'on Battle

Having trouble figuring out how to get started with your day? The tireless scribes at the Wiki have a suggestion: do your hardest task first.

…In the morning, people often have more mental and physical energy, as well as fewer distractions and scheduled tasks. Additionally, the sense of achievement after completing a difficult item on the to-do list makes it easier to approach the rest of the list.

For more on this topic, head on over to the wiki to read the full article!

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Veteran Pets, Maintenance, and Treeling Quest

Thank you all for your patience over the weekend during our maintenance! This is the biggest change we have made to Habitica’s code behind-the-scenes, and your support has been incredible.



To thank everyone for enduring the maintenance with cheery spirits, we’ve awarded you all a special Veteran Pet. If this was your first Veteran Pet, you’ve received a Wolf; if you already had a Wolf, you’ve received a Tiger; and if you already had a Tiger, you’ve received a Lion! Note that sometimes it can take a longer time for pets to display on the apps, but you can make them appear faster with a content refresh – for example, by going to the Avatar Customization page.

We also had some reports of users who were worried because it seemed like their parties/quests had disappeared. Don’t worry! This is a display issue that can be solved by refreshing the page to get the new code. We’re working on fixing some of the other notable bugs now, such as issues with Challenges and tags, and will be releasing some mobile app updates with lots of bug fixes later this week. Thanks for being patient as we resolve them!



In other news, last week we released a new quest: The Tangle Tree! Defeat this multi-tasking tree for a chance at some cute tree pets.

Stay tuned for more releases soon!

Simplify Your Digital Life: May Challenge Spotlight!

Hello Habiticans! We’re excited to bring you a new and revamped Challenge Spotlight feature, featuring challenges created and submitted by you, the community! Join them for extra motivation, and compete with other users to win gems as you strive to meet your goals.

In The Basics Guild: The Monthly K.I.S.S.

Starts on: May 1
Ends on: May 31
Repeating challenge? Yes

ArynChris describes this challenge as “Helping fellow Habiticans to shrink their tasklists from overwhelming to manageable, permanently.

In the Life Hackers Guild: Limit Screen/TV Time

Starts on: Launched now, but starts on June 1st
Ends on: June 30
Repeating challenge? Yes

Janelle Rowe says:

Stop letting screens suck your time away! Choose an amount of time to have screen time (iphone, ipad, or other device) or TV time (can include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc). For example max time of 1 hour, 45min, or 30min per day.

And last but NEVER least, in the Short Term Accountability Guild: Inbox Inspiration!

Starts on: May 11
Ends on: May 20
Repeating challenge? Yes

BeanieB says:

Feel like you spend all day responding to emails? Getting overwhelmed with the emails you need to write? Inbox overflowing? Use this challenge to get your inbox under control!

Got a challenge you’d like to share with us and the rest of the Habitica community? Submit it here at the Challenge Spotlight Submission Form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: New May Backgrounds, Armoire Items, and iOS Update!


We’ve got three new avatar backgrounds available in the Background Shop! Now your avatar can fly around a Beehive, navigate through a maze of Tree Roots, or battle a Gazebo.

Plus, we’ve added new equipment and rewards to the Enchanted Armoire, a 100 GP Reward in the Rewards Column which unlocks after you’ve attained Ultimate Gear!. Test your luck for a random chance at special Equipment, including the Graduate Set and the Bouquet of Flowers!


Finally, we’ve released a new iOS app update that includes social media sharing, the ability to change your class, and more! We got some reports of crashing, but there’s an easy fix, which is simply to uninstall the app and reinstall it. And as always, if you have any questions feel free to email us at

Until next week!

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: World Boss Defeated, Bee Pets and Mounts, and Floral Hatching Potions

Last week, with the combined effort of everyone’s hard work and motivation, the Be-Wilder was finally vanquished! Thanks to everyone who participated in the event.



As a reward for defeating the Be-Wilder, all Habiticans received an assortment of prizes, including Bee Pets and Mounts! They also got the Savior of Mistiflying badge, and an assortment of food for their pets.


And speaking of pets… between now and May 31st, you can buy Floral Hatching Potions from the Market and use them to hatch any standard pet egg! Floral Hatching Potions are a Seasonal Edition item, so they will not be available again before next spring. Be sure to get them while you can.