Prepare to Vanquish the School Year!


The school year is upon us once more… eek! Luckily, there are some great Habitica guilds that are full of resources and encouragement as you tackle this fearsome foe. Join them to set yourself up for success!


For the stressed high schoolers, the college students who always pull off all-nighters, or for any person who just wants to learn. This is one of the most popular Guilds on Habitica!

Graduate Students:

A guild for graduate students or prospective graduate students. Get encouraged to complete that thesis, dissertation, or other big foreboding project, or just to get support and advice on graduate student hardships. They even have their own wiki!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise:

For many of us, the the toughest part of the school year is waking up early. Here’s a whole Guild of people fighting that same battle, full of tips, tricks, and Challenges!

Short-Term Accountability Guild:

Need an extra push to accomplish your schoolwork today, this week, or this month? Here you can announce your goal, report your results, and be cheered on by others (or be motivated by the thought of having to admit failure). No goal is too small to mention here if you need accountability to help you get it done.

Now it’s time to hit the books as you focus on using Habitica for school. Good luck!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Habitica Roadtrip!

The “Behind The Scenes” series is a chance for us to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of HabitRPG, Inc., the company that makes Habitica. Every so often, we’ll treat you to some silly staff shenanigans or show you the work that goes into your favorite features. Enjoy!

Introducing the real-world avatars of paglias, redphoenix, Lemoness, SabreCat, and Alys!

As some of you may know, there are Habiticans all over the world. Though our main offices are nestled in sunny Santa Monica and there is a steady stream of work chatter both online and off, it’s relatively rare for all of us to get together in person.

So a bunch of us recently decided to go on a roadtrip.

Vicky and Leslie eagerly waited at the airport for the arrival of Alice from Australia, Matteo from Italy, and Sabe from the Stoïkalm Steppes Wisconsin. The plan was to strike out for the California mountains and finally give this bunch of workaholics a chance to relax.


Or not.

Still, although there was plenty of working (and some all-day meetings), we did check into the Inn and have some fun! See below for more photos of our frolicking.


Pulling over to the side of the road for photos…
…and for Pokemon! (Dratini not pictured.)
At the Huntington Gardens, Leslie finds some cactus pets!
We also spot a familiar friend…
It wouldn’t be a Habitica roadtrip without our mascot, Melior!
The Habiticans check off their “Exercise” Dailies with a hike near Big Bear Lake.
An elusive SabreCat appears!
We meet a mercenary at a RenFaire. Wonder if we should hire him to slay some bugs?


Slack for iOS Upload-18
Alys considers some office supplies…
…but Vicky has other ideas about what we should buy.

All in all, it was a great trip, filled with s’mores and jokes and RPGs. And by the end, we had learned lots of fun new quirks about each other. For example, Alice will drop everything to chase after a cool new critter, and Sabe buys cute souvenirs for his wife at every opportunity. Matteo has been known to dance slightly when describing intriguing programming problems, and Vicky is constantly baking sourdough bread. Finally, Leslie likes her hamburgers completely plain, but will add spice to blog posts by asking “distressingly difficult questions” about the fun new quirks that we learned about each other. (Sorry, everyone.)

Until next time!

– The Habitica team 🙂

Quests for the Best

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!


Quests are one of the most unique features that Habitica has to offer. Who doesn’t like being able to round up a group of people to go fight monsters and get adorable pets as rewards?

But if you were wondering about the details of how quests work in Habitica, the helpful Wiki scribes have got you covered!

Some quests can only be started by a player at a certain level, as some scrolls are dropped to players when they reach specific levels. Other quests have prerequisite quests that must be completed prior to the start of the next quest in the quest line. However, these restrictions only apply to the person starting the quest, and do not limit who may participate. Lower level players in a party, players who have not yet received the quest as a drop, and players who have missed prerequisite quests can still be invited to join a higher-level quest, so long as the quest is started by a party member who is eligible to initiate the quest.

For more on this topic, head on over to the wiki to read the full article!




Welcome to the Staff Spotlight Series, where we interview members of the Habitica Team! Today we’re chatting with Matteo, also known as paglias. Matteo lives in Italy and is one of our most avid programmers. He manages many of Habitica’s coding projects, and also helps coordinate the volunteer translations for Habitica.

Matteo, what’s your proudest contribution to Habitica?
“It took a long time to build, but the thing that I’m proudest of is definitely version 3 of the API, in particular because it involved great teamwork with the entire Habitica staff and a lot of our Open Source contributors.”

What are your secret superpowers?
“If I start working on something I’m passionate about, it’s very likely I’ll try to finish it the same day, even if it means going to sleep at 4 in the morning. Hmmm… Thinking about it I’m not sure if it can be considered a superpower, but occasionally it can be very useful :)”

What are your secret weaknesses?
“If a deadline is too far away or if I’m not interested by what I’m doing, I can get distracted by literally everything and I can become a terrible procrastinator.”

Favorite Habitican pets/mounts:
“I’ve had the Base Wolf and Tiger as my avatar’s pet and mount companions since the early days and I think they’re here to stay. I can’t imagine my avatar without them!”

NPC Matteo and pets

What some things you’re tracking in Habitica?
“There are some Dailies that have been in my list forever, like getting at least 8 hours of sleep – still working on it!  I also tend to have tasks for every project I’m working on currently. I try not to have more than 5-6 Dailies that I absolutely have to do every day.”

How do you use Custom Rewards?
“I don’t know why, but I never picked up using Custom Rewards, which also explains why I have a ton of gold in my account… I have to give them another shot :)”

Do you have a daily routine/ritual?
“Not really, because I’m not a morning person. Thankfully most mornings I have to wake up and go to university, or I would lay in bed for way too long! I prefer to work until late in the night when there are fewer things that can distract me. It also makes it much easier to communicate with the rest of the Habitica team, since there are 9 hours of difference between Italy – where I live – and the Habitica HQ in Los Angeles.”

How do you spend your time when you’re not working on Habitica?
“I’m studying to get my degree, so that takes up a big part of my day. Otherwise, you can find me reading about random stuff on the internet or playing with my dog.”

Top Habitica tips and tricks?
“I’ve found that when I have too many tasks, it’s easy to start skipping some of them, even if they’re super important for my day. So I try not to overload my lists, instead keeping a clear separation between Must-Dos and tasks that would be nice to do, but not essential. Using a different difficulty level for each task is fundamental for this.”

Favorite Habitica anecdote?

Line of food drops
“One of my first important contributions to Habitica’s code (back when it was still called HabitRPG) was expanding the translated content on the site. When we introduced translated messages for drops, there was a bug that caused the name of eggs, potions and food to be displayed in the wrong language, so people started getting messages like ‘You’ve found a Kartoffel!’ with Kartoffel being the German word for ‘potato.’

It took a few days to find the cause and fix the problem, and in the meantime some users thought that Habitica had embarked on a mission to teach everyone a new language!”


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Welcome to the Staff Spotlight Series, where we interview members of the Habitica Team! Today we’re chatting with Vicky, also known as Redphoenix. Vicky is one of our co-founders, and she handles our business and legal needs, as well as helping to manage the team.

Vicky, what’s your proudest contribution to Habitica?

“My proudest contribution is to the financial stability of Habitica, where we can now support several full-time staff members and contractors who can keep bringing you more and better features!”

What are your secret superpowers?

“Poaching eggs perfectly, remembering random details about interesting people I meet, even if it’s a single meeting going back decades, and making the most of limited resources.”

What are your secret weaknesses?

“Overestimating how much work I can get done on too little sleep. I can also be completely derailed by good fiction and have been known to inhale even doorstopper-sized fantasy novels in a single sitting. As a result, I try REALLY REALLY HARD not to start reading one during the workweek. I once lost several working days to Harry Potter fanfiction. (This was before Habitica, of course.)”

Favorite Habitican pets/mounts:

“First chance I get, I always hatch the skeleton pets. The skeleton cactus pet was an early favorite, but I really just want to cuddle skeleton penguin and tell it that everything will be ok.”


What some things you’re tracking in Habitica?

“Everything. Too many things. Basically I want to use Habitica to become Batman.

I should probably use my tagging system more than I do, but frequently it’s more interesting to think about organizing it all than to actually organize it. I guess I’ll go add a + Habit for properly tagging my tasks now….”

How do you use Custom Rewards?

“One of the things I’m working on improving is spending money on things that I would enjoy. I get major guilt whenever I spend money on non-necessaries, courtesy of having grown up without much spare cash for luxuries. To help assuage the guilt, the total amount of Gold becomes a measure of how much I’ve accomplished, and I set an exchange rate of 100 gold = $1.”

Do you have a daily routine/ritual?

“If I’m being good, mornings basically go: check staff chat, check Twitter shortlist, meditate, make the bed + get dressed, coffee, figure out what I need to accomplish for the day.

In the evenings, I’m trying to train myself to go to bed earlier by playing a bedtime playlist to help ease the transition from after dinner to bed. Depending on my energy levels and how much calming down I need, it’s either jazz, new age, or nature sounds. I know it’s time to go to sleep when even the lowest sound setting is too loud for me.”

How do you spend your time when you’re not working on Habitica?

“It’s hard to break away because there’s so much to do! Usually, though, you can either find me at a public library, at a thrift store, or snuggling the dog. Or sleeping. Sometimes (most of the time if it’s a weekend) I just give in to the urge to nap….”

Top Habitica tips and tricks?

“Occasionally I’ll get into the zone and binge-perform a particular activity (and let go of everything else). Habitica’s dailies system and the damage from not doing so is a good reminder that balance and moderation are good things to aspire to, but sometimes it’s more productive and interesting to ride the wave and keep on the same project. I usually keep a to do item under a :bank: emoji tag, so if I’ve done extra of something (like instead of 20 minutes of cleaning, I’ve managed an hour and a half!) I “bank” it so that I allow myself to check it off on a different day when I maybe don’t quite have the energy to clean.

Also, tagging with emoji. Makes the checklist extremely interesting and also more compact.”

Favorite Habitica anecdote?

Vicky and Leslie in Tavern

“Habitica co-founder Leslie and I were at one point living less than three miles away from each other, but didn’t actually manage to meet in person until the following year, some 500 miles from home in a completely different city. When we finally sat down, we discovered that we shared the exact astrological sign–Aries on the cusp of Pisces–and that’s when we found out that we have the same birthday: March 22!”

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