Adventures Great and Small: Guilds for Outdoor Hobbies

Illustration by Leephon

It’s officially summertime (well, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!), and it’s a great season to get out and enjoy what the outdoors have to offer. Whether you’re simply trying to get outside more often or you’re an adventure enthusiast who wants to add to your repertoire, you can find fellow Habiticans who are excited to join you! In this month’s Spotlight we’re focusing on just a few of Habitica’s outdoors-focused Guilds.

Venture Outside Your Lair:

This Guild’s aim is simple: to get you to leave the house and enjoy what the outdoors and wider world have to offer. The chat provides a great space for Guild members to motivate each other and share their journeys into the world. Venture Outside Your Lair also has a variety of fun, gamified Challenges to not only encourage you to get outside, but to engage with your environment while you’re there!

Outdoor Corps:

Outdoor Corps is a Guild for all who love outdoor activities, from hiking and other sports to just spending time in nature. The Guild Chat is full of tales, fun tips, and encouraging messages from members discussing their adventures outside. Check out their Challenges for even more incentives to spend more time in the fresh air!
Gardening Gnomes:

Do you have a green thumb? Or do you wish you did? Take a peek into Gardening Gnomes to meet Habiticans who share a love for plants and taking care of them! The chat features lively discussions of prize plants as well as questions and answers for those learning the horticultural arts. They also have a couple of Challenges to encourage plant upkeep – just the thing if you are the type to forget to water your leafy friends!

These Guilds and many others are here to help you get outside and find fun things to do when you’re there! And if you’re looking for more advice on using Habitica to help you spend more time outside of your dwelling, be sure to read this month’s Use Case Spotlight, featuring tips and tricks from fellow Habiticans!

Spaces for the Creative: Guilds for Arts and Crafts!

Illustration by WreckedByJesusDiaz

Many Habiticans excel in creative and artistic pursuits, so it’s no surprise that we have a large number of Guilds organized by and for creators, makers, and artists! In this month’s Spotlight we’re focusing just a few of Habitica’s Guilds that are related to Arts- and-Crafts.

Knitting and Crocheting:

Are you a yarn-craft enthusiast? If so, Knitting and Crocheting is a great place to meet fellow Habiticans that share your passion! Discuss your projects in the chat and check out a wide variety of Challenges to help you start and finish all the projects on your list! (Bonus: this Guild is run by our very own Lemoness!)

Artists Guild:

This Guild is a great place to discuss your work in visual art in any medium. The Artists Guild has a great list of Challenges that will help give you an extra boost of motivation on your projects. Share your work in the Guild chat and discuss your favorite tips and tricks for media, techniques, or for getting yourself motivated!

Crafty Nerds:

If you are a crafter, maker, or artist of any kind, but also want to geek out, this is the Guild for you! Join other fantastically creative folks who proudly call themselves “nerds” here. Discuss projects, the work of artists and creators you admire, and get helps and tips in the chat. This Guild also has a great Challenge focused on helping you finish a U.F.O.(un-finished object)!
These Guilds and many others are here to help you manage your creative projects! And if you’re looking for more advice on using Habitica to help you with arts and crafts, be sure to read this month’s Use Case Spotlight, featuring tips and tricks from fellow Habiticans!

Finding Time for Fun: Guilds for Managing your Relaxing Hobbies

Illustration by eyenne

Habiticans are known for their productivity, but an important part of staying productive is taking time to relax and do the things you enjoy! In this month’s Spotlight we’re focusing on some Guilds where Habiticans talk about what they do for fun and how they make time for fun.

TV and Movie Enthusiasts Club:

Are you a movie lover? A television connoisseur? This Guild is a great place to meet other Habiticans who are into TV and Movies! There’s a lively discussion in the Guild chat, and several running Challenges including a Movie of the Week!
Gamers Union:

This Guild is for players of all kinds of games, from tabletop to video games and beyond. They have a great chat filled with discussions of favorite games and recommendations for new ones to check out. Gamers Union also has a number of Challenges to help you discover new games on all kinds of platforms — you might even find a new favorite!

Tabletop Gamers:

Whether you’re a Dungeon Master or totally new to the world of tabletop gaming, Tabletop Gamers is a great place to learn more, find games, and talk to others who share your enthusiasm! Featured Challenges in this Guild include Challenges based around games, but also a Dungeons and Dailies Challenge that helps you turn your Habitica Tasks page into your own tabletop-style adventure!
These Guilds and many others are here to help you make time for fun! And if you’re looking for more advice on managing your relaxing hobbies, be sure to read this month’s Use Case Spotlight, featuring tips and tricks from fellow Habiticans!

Taking Better Care of Yourself and the Planet: Guilds for Living Eco-Friendly


In this month’s Spotlight we’re focusing on some Guilds in Habitica that aim to help their members to live in more sustainable and ecologically conscious ways. Here are some places you can find fellow Habiticans who are also interested in being better citizens of the planet by reducing, reusing, recycling, and more!

inHabitants of Earth:

This Guild is a place for Habiticans to discuss a wide variety of ways to make their daily lives more gentle on the Earth, as well as gentler on their pocketbooks! They offer many Challenges aimed at helping each other to be more consistent in eco-friendly practices as well as swapping new tips and tricks.

The Urban Homesteaders Guild:

The Urban Homesteaders Guild challenges its members to learn new techniques for reducing consumption, waste, and dependence on processed products and foods. Check out their Challenges and learn to ferment or dry foods, and much more!

Sustainable Living:

Do you want to learn how to live with a smaller footprint of resource use and waste? Look no further than Sustainable Living. They have an active chat for exchanging tips, a great resource list, and sustainability-themed Challenges!
These Guilds and many others are here to help you be kinder to the Earth and all the people, plants, and animals we share it with.Check them out! And if you’re looking for more advice on living in a more eco-friendly way, be sure to read this month’s Use Case Spotlight, featuring tips and tricks from fellow Habiticans!

Keeping it Delicious and Nutritious: Guilds for Food and Cooking

Illustration by KusSv


Last month, we looked at Health- and Fitness-related Guilds as we started off the New Year. Now we’re exploring another important aspect of your health: fueling your body and delighting your senses with delicious and wholesome food! Whether you’re totally new to eating healthy, or you’re a nutrition and food-prep pro, you can find fellow Habiticans who are excited to share tips, tricks, recipes, and more. Join us as we highlight a few of the Guilds in Habitica that focus on Food and Cooking!

The Chef’s Special

The Chef’s Special is a place for cooking fanatics to connect! Guild members share recipes, talk technique, and share their favorite tips for making delicious meals. They also have some fun Challenges that will inspire you to try new things!

Vegetarians and Vegans:

Are you a lifelong vegetarian/vegan? Thinking about becoming one? Or maybe you are just looking into ways to reduce the amount of meat you consume for health or environmental reasons? If any of those apply to you, check out the Vegetarians and Vegans Guild for tips, recipes, and discussions of how to stay healthy on a diet that omits or reduces use of animal products!


This Guild is for everyone who loves food. Join discussions about recipes, restaurants, nutrition, and food-related culture from around the world,. This Guild also hosts a number of Challenges that can help you explore fun new food horizons or even help you pursue healthier eating habits!

Veggie Cooking Club:

If you love eating plants, this is the Guild for you! Open to those of all dietary persuasions, this group offers a great chat space for sharing veggie-forward recipes and exploring the best that the wide world of fruits and vegetables has to offer. Veggie Cooking Club is also home to a monthly Veggie Cooking Challenge!

These Guilds and many others are here to help you pursue nutritional goals as well as discover new and exciting foods and recipes. Check them out and get cooking! And if you’re looking for more advice on upping your Food and Cooking game, be sure to read this month’s Use Case Spotlight, featuring tips and tricks from fellow Habiticans!

Starting a Happy, Healthy 2017: Guilds for Health and Fitness

Illustration by James Danger

January is a great time to re-evaluate your goals for your physical health and fitness! Whether you’ve set specific goals for the New Year, or whether you’re already on an ongoing journey to better health, you can find fellow Habiticans who are excited to join you and help support you. This month we highlight some Guilds in Habitica that focus on Health and Fitness!

Health Nuts:

This Guild has something for everyone looking to improve their health! Check out their active and supportive chat to talk about your challenges and successes, or take a look at the large variety of Challenges offered by Guild members to help give you a boost of motivation.

The Road Goes Ever On:

The Road Goes Ever On encourages you to exercise with a fun twist: your activity translates into miles walked on a Guild journey across the world! You can see how far they’ve walked on several progress trackers linked on their Guild page. You can join, and help get them all the way across the Atlantic and beyond!

Evidence-Based Fitness:

This Guild focuses on improving health and fitness by using the scientific evidence to help work out the best and most effective methods. Their chat is an ongoing discussion of the latest research as well as Guild members’ own experiences with different techniques and strategies.

These Guilds and many others are here to help you get on track with your New Year’s Health and Fitness goals. Check them out and get on the road to a healthier you in 2017!

‘Tis the Season to De-Stress: Guilds for Self-Care and Wellness

Illustration by Rosemonkey

December is a month that brings celebration and fun, but also sometimes stress. Whether you’re stressing from the many tasks you’re doing to prepare for the holidays, your final exams in school, or just feeling the winter blues, Habitica is here to help! This month we highlight some Guilds in Habitica that focus on self-care and wellness: things that are important all year round!

Good Things Today:

Sometimes we can all get bogged down in negativity, and end up feeling sad and unmotivated. Good Things Today is a welcome refuge of positivity! It’s simple- post three things that make you happy or make you feel good in their chat, and enjoy reading posts from others in the Guild. They even have a monthly “Good Things Today” Challenge so you have a chance to win gems for consistently making your happy posts!

The Basics:

If holiday and/or end-of-the-year stress has you down and not feeling up to daily tasks or your normal routine, The Basics Guild is here for you! This Guild has some great Challenges related to different kinds of tasks as well as health and self-care. The Basics also has an active and supportive chat, so you can get advice and encouragement from fellow members.

The Mindfulness and Stress Relief Guild:

Come to the Mindfulness and Stress Relief Guild to check out a variety of great Challenges and resources to help you with stress management and relaxation! The Guild also has a great, supportive chat space for discussing your pursuit of peacefulness and exchanging information on helpful resources.

These Guilds and many others are here to help you remember to take time for yourself this month. Check them out for a dose of relaxation!

Prepping for the Holidays

Habitica’s NPCs are ready to celebrate!

The holidays are a time of joy, togetherness and celebration. But getting ready for all that can really be a lot of work! This month we focus on some Guilds in Habitica that can help you to plan, prepare, and get things done so that you can sit back and enjoy the best parts of the holiday season.

Make Your Home Sweet Home

This Guild focuses on making your living space neat, happy, and welcoming, so they are ready to help you prepare to entertain guests or host holiday gatherings. Check out their themed weekly decluttering Challenges!

Financial Discipline Group:

Are you trying to save money for gifts or other holiday treats? Or maybe you’re trying to reign in your holiday spending this year? Check out this Guild for advice, strategies, and Challenges that will help you spend and save wisely.

Decluttering Devils:

Decluttering Devils are all about creating more space and a feeling of neatness and tranquility in your home. Let their Challenges motivate you to clean up that jumbled corner or closet you’ve been avoiding. You know the one!

Seasonal Decoration Guild:

This Guild is focused specifically on decorating and hosting for the holidays, and features a set of Challenges to help make the holidays stress-free no matter what you celebrate. The chat is full of people sharing pictures, swapping ideas, and getting organized so that you can indulge your holiday hobbies without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank.

These Guilds and many others are ready to motivate you to you set goals, prepare, and work toward a happy, relaxing holiday. And they’ll be helpful when you’re cleaning up after your celebrations and preparing for the New Year, too!

Fantastic Wizarding Guilds and Where to Find Them

Habiticans have plenty of fantastic beasts in their stables!

Are you excited for the new Fantastic Beasts movie? Lots of Habiticans are, including many of the staff and contributors! If you want to dive into some fun fandom activity in Habitica before the new movie debuts, check out these great Guilds:


This is a Guild for all Habitican Harry Potter fans. Join the chat, or check out their Challenge to help you sort into one of House-specific Guilds listed below!

Ravenclaw Common Room:

Join Ravenclaw Common Room to chat about the fandom as well as sharpen that famous Ravenclaw wit!

Hufflepuff Common Room:

Friendly, helpful Hufflepuffs gather here to chat and boost their famous hardworking and productive nature through Challenges.

Slytherin House:

Are you a resourceful, ambitious Slytherin? Join this Guild and enjoy the company of your fellow House members as well as a variety of Challenges including a book club!

Gryffindor House:

This Guild is home to the brave, daring members of Harry’s own Hogwarts House! They chat and support each other here through brave and productive deeds.

Dumbledore’s Army:

This Guild has an active and exciting chat about all aspects of the Harry Potter fandom. They also have a Fantastic Beasts-themed Challenge to motivate you to collect, feed, and care for your Habitica pets and mounts!
Have fun and use your magic powers wisely!

Write on! Helpful Guilds for Writers.

habitrpg-community-guidelines-wiki_writers_by_kiwibotIllustration by Kiwibot

As NaNoWriMo approaches, it’s a good time to focus on some Guilds in Habitica that can help you reach your writing goals. Whether you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, working on essays for school, or doing any other writing and need a boost of motivation, these groups can offer support!


The Writers Guild offers help to those working on any writing project in any genre. They run an active and supportive chat, and they have a wide variety of Challenges related to writing, particularly writing fiction.


Wordsmiths welcomes all writers! This guild offers a lot of great challenges related to honing writing skills, building new skills, and accountability for those committed to particular goals and deadlines. They also have a special Challenge for NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWriMo Participants:

If you’re gearing up for NaNoWriMo, this guild will be of particular interest to you. In addition to offering challenges to prepare for NaNoWriMo, the guild has challenges to help writers keep their momentum and build skills year-round!

Ink Slingers:

Ink Slingers is a guild especially for Science Fiction and Fantasy writers and editors. They have resources for forming parties of writers and accountability groups, as well as a variety of Challenges including fun writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

These guilds and more are ready and willing to help you get the pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Enjoy these helpful and fun groups in the lead-up to NaNoWriMo and beyond!