New and Notable: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by Gully

In prior months, the Guild Spotlight has been based on a theme, but it’s a new year in the Gregorian calendar, so we thought it was time to change things up! Habitica has a vibrant community, and new Guilds arise all the time. This year, we’re going to highlight some of the newer or smaller Guilds which may not get as much traffic as Guilds that are higher up the list. All of these Guilds have had recent activity and have a minimum number of members; they’re probably a bit quieter than more established Guilds, but they have tons of potential. Spot something that sounds right up your alley? You know what to do!

Migraine WarriorsIf you’re pursued by the dread monster Migraine, this Guild is a great place to connect with fellow sufferers, gets tips and tricks for beating it, and share your own strategies. With 80 members and some useful challenges available already, there’s no doubt of a warm welcome.

Pom Throwing Arena: If pomodoros are your kind of productivity method, you might like to join in this off-shoot Guild: the chat mostly consists of flying tomatoes, so you’d better duck as you go in, but it’s an amazing way to get things done in good company, and have a bit of fun pulling other folks into your productivity. Don’t forget to check out their challenges to help you get started!

Ancestors, Heritage and Genealogy: If family history is your hobby, this Guild is a great place to link up with like-minded people, pick their brains for their best resources, and share your stories! It can be a bit quiet in this Guild (sshh! people are researching!), but this is your opportunity to jump in, share your enthusiasm, and kick start things.

So if any of these Guilds appeals, go ahead and join, introduce yourself, and start sharing your own tips, tricks and tomatoes! If none of these Guilds appeals, just wait until next month and there’ll be a new batch of notable Guilds for your delectation and delight.


Professionalization and “Adulting” Skills: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by OuttaMyMind

A lot of us struggle with the everyday tasks of adult life like paying bills, and with adjusting to the routines of professional life. Fortunately, there are some Guilds out there on Habitica dedicating to figuring this sort of thing out!

Life BasicsSometimes, the simplest things are actually pretty hard. The Life Basics Guild is about getting the foundations right: the users there know all about executive dysfunction, fatigue, depression, and all those issues that can get between you and “proper adulting”. If you’re looking for support with fixing the fundamentals, this Guild is perfect.

Financial DisciplineNeed to look ahead, save money, figure out why there’s never anything left at the end of the month? This Guild is all about getting control of your finances and staying organised. There are challenges running as well as plenty of users ready to share their tips and experiences!

Time ManagementThis Guild is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of tips and tricks on managing your time. The members know all about pomodoros and bulletjournals, the Eisenhower matrix and more. Check out the description and post in the chat to get all kinds of support!

Don’t forget to check out the Use Case Spotlight on the same topic for advice from users just like you!

Taking a Break: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by Aries Fairies
Illustration by Hachiseiko

Habitica is often all about productivity and completing just one more task, but there’s an important place for a healthy lifestyle as well, and that includes taking a break when you need it! Here are a selection of Guilds that just might help you with that.

Early to Bed and Early to RiseThis guild focuses on all aspects of sleep hygiene, and hosts challenges to help you incorporate healthy sleep into your routine. Check out the discussion in the Guild too!

Live Life to the Fullest With MindfulnessThis guild is all about using mindfulness to enhance your daily life, with all kinds of impact on healthy sleep, getting a break from the daily grind, and improving your mood overall.

Be Kind to Yourself GuildSleep is important, but it isn’t the only way to take a break from the daily grind. The Be Kind To Yourself Guild is all about self-care and ensuring you stay healthy in everything you do.

Don’t forget, there’s also a Use Case Spotlight post to tell you about how other users incorporate rest and sleep into their Habitica schedules!

Celebrating Your Achievements: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by Katy133

Sometimes, it’s easy to look at your To-Dos and think that they go on forever, especially when you get behind. It’s important to celebrate what you have done, and remember how awesome you are sometimes. Here are some guilds to help you do just that!

Achieve, Accomplish, AspireThis guild is all about celebrating what you’ve done — even if it seems really small to you! They encourage you to include something you’ve achieved, something you accomplished, and something you want to achieve tomorrow, in each post.

Awesome IntrovertsThe theme here is a little more specific. A lot of Habiticans are introverted at heart and want to fade into the wallpaper — this Guild is all about celebrating overcoming that and doing the things that scare you!

Short Term Goal AccountabilityThis guild isn’t just about getting things done! It’s also a great place to remember to celebrate what you’ve done and share it with others. They definitely want to hear about it as you turn those To-Dos into Ta-Das.

Long Term Project GuildIf you’re working towards something big, this guild is the ideal place to make plans and announce your successes along the way.

In fact, most Guilds on Habitica are supportive places where you can celebrate your on-topic achievements. Want to share the intense workout you put yourself through, or the scarf you finished crocheting? Find the right Guild for that topic and jump in!

Don’t forget, there’s also a Use Case Spotlight on the same topic as this post!

Getting Hands-On: Guilds for Practical Skills

Illustration by gully

Want to get hands-on and learn some new practical skills? Need to get your Habitica set-up optimised to remind you to get that DIY done, or want to talk with some like-minded folks? Here are some guilds to help you in that endeavour!

Makers of HabiticaThis guild is aimed at Makers of all stripes — food innovations, crafts, DIY, home improvement, programming, gadgets, sustainability… so you can be pretty sure of finding some like-minded people if you join here.

The Urban Homesteader’s GuildIf you’re looking to do things the old-fashioned way, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an old-hand or new to the idea: this guild is here for you! Make sure to check out the challenges, too.

DIYers, Crafters, Sewing, anything creativeThis guild has been quiet lately, but they’re a friendly crowd — maybe it’s time to start a new conversation there!

That’s all for this month. Make sure to check out the companion Use Case Spotlight as well, with lots of tips from other hands-on users.

Getting Involved in Habitica: Guilds for Contributing


Illustration by Aries Farie

Habitica has a thriving community of helpers who do all kinds of things from helping to fix bugs (thank you, Blacksmiths!) to answering questions in the Tavern and creating the art you see on Quests, in the Stables and in the Armoire — all over Habitica, in fact.

Aspiring Legends: No matter how you plan to contribute, this Guild is the ideal place to say hi and connect with like-minded people who love Habitica and want to make it better. But if you already know what you’d like to do, there are specific Guilds for most forms of contributing that might be a bit more active all round the clock.

Illustration by Leephon

Aspiring Artisans aka Pixels in Progress: If you’re interested in any kind of pixel art for Habitica, this is the place to be. Folks here critique each other’s work and help each other out of difficulties, and there’s nearly always someone who knows just how you can tweak that errant pixel into place.

Aspiring Blacksmiths: This is the Guild for those who want to contribute code to the official site or apps. If you have questions about just how to get started or you’ve run into a jam, everyone here is willing to donate their expertise to get things up and running again. And if you want to help but don’t have the time to get fully stuck in, it’s still worth joining in case you can help someone else out of a knotty problem.

Illustration by beffymaroo and Rev

Aspiring Comrades: Did you know Habitica has an API? This Guild is where developers of apps and extensions that work with Habitica hang out. If you’re interesting in developing your own tool to integrate with Habitica, this group is here to bounce your ideas off!

Aspiring Socialites: Don’t have coding experience or artistic ability? Or just that hooked on helping? Aspiring Socialites is the Guild for the folks who want to help out by answering questions and getting people all set up. Join this guild to get the latest news on things that might impact users, so you’re on the spot and all up to date when people need help!

Those are the official guilds for helping out on Habitica, but there are others out there — look out for Pirates and Elves! We’re truly grateful for everyone who contributes in whatever way they can, and we don’t think we can gush too much about how awesome our community is. If you’re thinking about jumping in, this is your chance!

Guilds for Parenting and Family Life

Illustration by UncommonCriminal

Happy June, Habiticans! Summer is nearly here, and it’s a great time to catch up and bond with your family. This month’s Spotlight focuses on Guilds in Habitica where you can find fellow players to support you as you take care of family business as well as family fun.

Parents’ Guild

This large and active Guild is full of fellow Habitican parents, sharing stories and ideas in the chat! It’s a supportive space for discussing other family-related issues as well. The Parents’ Guild also offers a number of Challenges for managing family life and making sure you take care of yourself.

Parents of Under-Threes

If you’re the parent or guardian of an extra-small adventurer, be sure to check out Parents of Under-Threes! The chat is a great place to discuss the special challenges of parenting young children, share ideas, and find support when you’re exhausted or frustrated in your toddler-care quests!

Loved Ones of those with Depression and Anxiety

If you have loved ones who are living with a mental health condition, this Guild can offer a supportive and understanding chat where you can discuss your experiences. In this active group, you can also talk with others about the importance of taking care of yourself so you can be a healthy support to folks in your life who are managing mental illness.

Pet Owners and Lovers

This is a Guild for chatting about the care and keeping of the furry, scaly, and winged members of your family. Pet Owners and Lovers also has a number of great Challenges to help you be an even better pet parent.

These Guilds and many, many others are here to give you helpful information and community support as you and your family work together to keep your household running, take care of each other, and have fun!! Until next time, take care. ❤

Caring for the Mind: Guilds for Mental Health and Wellness

Illustration by Rosemonkey

Hello, dear Habiticans! Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? In honor of this event, this month’s Spotlight focuses on some Guilds in Habitica where you can learn techniques for awareness and mental well-being.

Mentally Ill:

This Guild is open to all those affected by mental illness and/or looking to improve their mental health. The chat is a supportive and safe space to discuss symptoms and experiences and to share tips and ideas. Mentally Ill also offers a wide variety of Challenges that may offer helpful motivation boosts for learning more about mental health and for managing symptoms.

Mastering Emotions (DBT Skills):

Mastering Emotions is a space for Habiticans who are using DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) to manage difficult feelings and the situations around those feelings. Check it out for a welcoming and encouraging chat and a long list of Challenges for learning about DBT methods and for developing skills for emotional management.

ADHDers Guild:

This is a large community on Habitica dedicated to creating a supportive and helpful environment for folks with ADD/ADHD. Their Guild description has a tremendous collection of helpful resources, and the chat space there is kind, friendly, and active. ADHDers also hosts a number of Challenges for help, motivation, and for learning more about ADHD and related conditions.

Anxiety Alliance:

This Guild is devoted to those working through anxiety-related mental illness. There’s an active and supportive chat for Guild members to discuss experiences and share tips. There are also a bunch of helpful Challenges–including several that repeat monthly–to help with anxiety management, meditation, and getting out of your comfort zone.

These Guilds and many, many others are here to give you helpful information and community support as you work on improving your mental health and wellness! In fact, there are so many Guilds on Habitica devoted to this topic that we’ll be doing another post (or two!) on this topic in the future.

There’s also a Use Case Spotlight post this week featuring mental health related tips from fellow Habiticans! Until next time, take care. ❤

Be the Change: Guilds for Making a Difference

Illustration by Katy133

Hello Habiticans! Did you know April is National Volunteer Month in the U.S.? That makes this month a great time to get involved in making the world a better place. In this month’s Spotlight, we’re focusing on just a few of the many Guilds in Habitica where you can find fellow players to support you as you change your community, country, or even the whole planet for the better!

Ghost Ship:

Did you know that by becoming an organ donor, you can potentially save the lives of eight or more other people? Join Ghost Ship to learn more about becoming an organ donor and how very important that is to so many people! In this Guild you can also join the “<3 I am an organ donor! <3” Challenge so you can get an achievement for your profile that lets other Habiticans know you’ve taken this generous step to save lives.

Effective Altruists:

This Guild is a Habitican community for folks interested in the social and philosophical movement of Effective Altruism, which focuses on finding evidence-and reason-based methods for improving the world. Check out this Guild for a supportive chat, and a number of Challenges to get you started on helping others and making your community and world better!

InHabitants of Earth: the eco-friendly guild:

InHabitants of Earth focuses on a very important aspect of creating change for the better in the world: living sustainably! Take a look at their Challenges for ideas to help you be more eco-conscious in your everyday life. Plus, their chat is full of ideas and tips!

Accountability Buddies:

Some of the most important things we can do to make a positive impact on the world is to support and encourage others. Accountability Buddies matches Habiticans together so that they can pursue their goals with added support. Check it out today if you’re willing to be an Accountability Buddy, and/or if you need one yourself!

These Guilds and many, many others are here to help you find new ideas and motivation for making a difference! Stay positive, and remember all the little things we all do out of kindness and care really do add up. ❤

Another One Fights the Dust: Guilds for Spring Cleaning

Illustration by Leephon

It’s only early March, but spring is in the air in Habitica! March is a great time to think about that much-loved (and sometimes hated!) ritual of Spring Cleaning. In this month’s Spotlight we’re focusing just a few of the many Guilds in Habitica where you can find fellow players to support you as you look for tips and motivation. These groups are ready to help you plan a serious cleaning of your whole dwelling, or even just help you build habits to encourage general tidiness year-round.

Slobs Anonymous:

Slobs Anonymous welcomes any and all Habiticans who are trying to be better at keeping their spaces clean and neat. They host a variety of cleaning- and organization-related Challenges for extra encouragement. Plus, their chat is full of folks regaling the group with tales of their grimiest adventures and sharing their tips and tricks!

Horrible Housekeepers of Habitica:

Do you have lots of neglected cleaning tasks stacking up? Check out this Guild for an active and supportive chat and regular Challenges to help motivate you to wash those scary old dishes or dust your bookshelves!

Make Your Home Sweet Home:

Make Your Home Sweet Home is a Guild dedicated to helping you organize your living space and keep it that way! In their chat, you’ll find lots of Habiticans talking about how they tackle their most daunting cleaning tasks.

These Guilds and many, many others are here to help you find new ideas and motivation for working through your Spring Cleaning. Happy scrubbing! ❤