For the Love of Animals: Guilds for Pet Care!

Illustration by Leephon

Habiticans love pets, as anyone working toward a Beastmaster badge can happily tell you! Many Habiticans also have animal friends in their lives who aren’t of the pixel kind, and of course those pets need slightly more maintenance than their counterparts in your Habitica Stable! Whether you’re working on a better basic care routine for your pet, or you’re a pet care pro looking for ideas to help you streamline your animal-related tasks, you can find fellow Habiticans who are also looking to be even better caregivers for their furry, scaly, and feathered companions! In this month’s Spotlight we’re focusing just a few of Habitica’s Pet Care-focused Guilds.

Cat Lovers:
If you have a cat or are just a fan of cats, check out Cat Lovers! This Guild is a fun place to chat about your feline friend, discuss tips for kitty care, or just enjoy exchanging stories and pictures of cats and kittens.


A cynophile is a person who loves canines! And if you’re a dog lover, you’re sure to find like-minded folks in this Guild. You can join their active Chat to talk all about the pups in your life.They also have fun Challenges including one with dog-related word puzzles that appear in the chat!

Pet Owners and Lovers:

Owners of any animal companion(s) are welcome in Pet Owners and Lovers! Their Guild chat is full of Habiticans asking for advice, offering tips, and sharing stories and photos of their wonderful pets! This Guild also has a great selection of Challenges related to the care of different animals including dogs, cats, rats, birds, and more!

Purely Positive Dog Trainers:

Are you a dog owner (or owner of another pet!) looking to teach your friend some new tricks or helpful actions? Check out this Guild for tips on training methods that involve positive reinforcement! Purely Positive Dog Trainers also offers Challenges related to using training to improve your dog’s fitness!

These Guilds and many others are here to help you be the best pet-friend you can be! And if you’re looking for more advice on using Habitica for Pet Care, be sure to read this month’s Use Case Spotlight, featuring tips and tricks from fellow Habiticans!


Use Case Spotlight: Pet Care!

Illustration by Leephon

In last month’s Use Case Spotlight we learned all about different ways that folks in the community use Habitica to manage their outdoor hobbies. This month, we’re focusing on taking care of the animal friends in your life! Here are some great tips, tricks, and ideas for using Habitica to set (and maintain!) new tasks and goals related to Pet Care. These come from your fellow players in the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

Miechelle uses Dailies to keep up with the needs of their fine menagerie!

I have “Animals” under habits as well as a daily called “living creatures” which has all the tasks to do with my finches, cats and dog listed such as changing water and seed for the birdies, playing with canine and felines (I have rosters of games to rotate through), grooming someone every day, feeding, giving of vitamins, topping up treat toys. My creatures actually take up a good 2/3 hours a day and accordingly are a big part of my daily chore lists 🙂

Mavro Asteri adds Weeklies and Monthlies to their chore rotation to care for animal friends.

When I had an elderly dog (now gone), I used Habitica to remind me to administer her drugs twice a day. I also have 2 other dogs & 4 chickens, I use Habitica to remind me to give them food & fresh water 2x day. Now that they rolled out the weekly/monthly feature, I need to set up some chicken coop & chicken yard maintenance chores. And the dogs need a bath! Yep, now I gotta add these .

Sparky Lurkdragon uses checklists to maximize kitty care!

I have a little kitty cat and a bad case of executive dysfunction, so I have reminders to clean her litterbox and play with her daily. Both habits have a Morning and Evening checkbox. I give myself the play one if I play with her at least once a day (energy issues on my end), but the litterbox needs cleaning twice a day or I don’t get the big checkoff!

I also have a Monthly for deep-cleaning her litterbox, with a six-part checklist so I remember everything and don’t get lost:

  1. Run water in bucket
  2. Empty into medium trash bag
  3. Clean box + scoop [+ scoop because I always forget it otherwise!]
  4. Dry
  5. Broom [That is, clean up any stray litter that got kicked out over the month.]
  6. Refill

If I didn’t already have the habit solid when I re-joined Habitica, I would have ones for feeding her and changing her water. I do have a monthly for deep-cleaning her food and water bowls, though. (Usually they just get a good rinse and elbow grease daily.)

Geolojess makes sure their share of farm chores are taken care of with the help of Dailies.

I live on a farm, with 5 horses, 4 goats, 2 dogs, and lots of cats. My brother and I split up the chores, so that he takes care of them in the morning, and I take care of them at night! So, I have a daily that lists all the chores I need to do at night, such as feeding the cats/horses/dogs, putting the goats in their stall, etc!

There were so many helpful and exciting tips we couldn’t feature them all here! You can see them all and join in the discussion in the Use Case Spotlights Guild– one of your ideas could be featured next month! Look for an announcement of next month’s theme from Bailey soon.

Also, if you missed it you may want to take a look at our most recent Guild Spotlight, which showcases groups dedicated to Outdoor Hobbies!

The Library of Tasks and Challenges


It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

In the last four months’ editions of Wiki Wednesday we looked at some Sample tasks to help you to set up or re-evaluate all of your task page columns: Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards! For even more ideas to optimize your task lists, check out the Library of Tasks and Challenges Guild. “What is this Guild and why should I check it out?”, you might ask. Luckily, the Wiki Scribes have a detailed article to let you know what the Library of Tasks and Challenges Guild has to offer!

The Library of Tasks and Challenges is a Guild where you can share and review lists of Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards.

The Challenges serve mostly as examples and inspiration how your own tasks could look – they either contain tasks that many people are trying to do (for example, brush teeth, pay bills, exercise), or they demonstrate interesting ways to use Habitica (for example, gamifying tasks, making monthly tasks, making a “gold bank”).

Want to know more? Head over to the wiki to check out the full article!

Behind the Scenes: Spotlight on King Manta

The “Behind The Scenes” series is a chance for us to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of HabitRPG, Inc., the company that makes Habitica. Today we’re doing something a little different — we’re expanding on the fictional world of Habitica by spotlighting one of the characters who commonly crops up. Enjoy!


Becoming one of Habitica’s Masterclassers is often described as a “transformative experience,” but for the Master of Mages, the transformation became much more literal. King Manta is currently renowned as the benevolent merman who rules the undersea city of Dilatory, but his life started out quite differently.


Born Prince Adamant I of Dilatory, he quickly became known for being a jolly, highly creative mage of prodigious talent, who was constantly weaving together spells in new and interesting ways. One of his most unconventional moves was spending time studying the natural magic of the Mantis Shrimps that surrounded their island city. King Adamant even helped craft new spells with them, including one that transformed him temporarily into a merman. Because of his prowess, he was offered the post of Master of Mages, and he heartily accepted.

Unfortunately, King Adamant was so stubbornly focused on his magical work that he let many of his other To-dos lie neglected. The citizens of Dilatory followed their leader’s example, and soon the streets were laden with Dark Red To-dos. Their bright color attracted an ancient, hungry predator from the deep: the fearsome Dread Drag’on of Dilatory. Its first vicious flurry of attacks struck the cliffs beneath Dilatory, and the entire city crumbled into the sea.

Hah, that monster doesn’t seem so tough… until you realize that it’s five miles away.

Though all seemed lost, the Mantis Shrimps moved to save the citizens. They combined King Adamant’s transformation spell with their natural magic to enchant the waters around Dilatory so that all the people were metamorphosed into merfolk. Seeing what had befallen his city, King Adamant rallied all of his skill and power into battling the Dread Drag’on. As it chased them into a deep crevasse, King Adamant hurled spells at the monster each time it lunged for the citizens, but the Drag’on’s innate healing abilities left them at an impasse. Realizing that massive reinforcements would be critical to defeat the creature, King Adamant also wove a powerful sorcery that greatly slowed time within the crevasse, allowing years to speed past unnoticed. He triggered the spell to break only when help was available.

And finally, help did arrive. Hundreds of thousands of brave Habiticans rallied together to defeat the vicious Dread Drag’on in battle, freeing the citizens of Dilatory at last. Despite this, most of the citizens of Dilatory decided to remain together in their undersea city, and King Adamant changed his name to King Manta to renounce the stubbornness that had endangered his people and instead honor the Mantis Shrimps who had helped to protect them. He now rules their undersea city wisely, and the Dilatorians welcome the Habiticans into their city every Summer Splash gala. Thanks to King Manta’s spells, Habiticans and Dilatorians can transform back and forth simply by swimming into or stepping out of the enchanted waters.

Meet some of the many denizens of Dilatory!

Personal Life

Most of the time, King Manta can be found in the throne room of the castle of Dilatory, overseeing issues brought to him by his people. Despite that, his work as the Master of Mages requires him to constantly monitor the underlying magic of Habitica to ensure that it is always growing and thriving, so he has been known to travel all across the land.

During his travels, he often visits the other Masterclassers. He’s close friends with the Joyful Reaper, who is old enough that she remembers him from the ancient times when Dilatory was above the waves. He has also bonded with Lady Glaciate over their shared love of interesting creatures, and was impressed when she managed to single-handedly saddle and ride the Kraken of Inkomplete, leading to a particularly unforgettable round of the Dilatory Derby.  His relationship with the April Fool is akin to that of an amused grandfather, and he often assures everyone that the lad means no harm. The astute have tartly noted, however, that his domain in Dilatory is the one area of Habitica that is mysteriously unaffected by any of the Rogue’s magic pranks, almost as if not a single spell is able to take hold.

King Manta is known to dote upon his adopted daughter Advantageous (known as Adva for short). He frets about her too, however, particularly after the frightening incident when she was mysteriously possessed. She has shown a burgeoning skill at magic herself, and he hopes that someday she will be named the Master of Mages after him.

Adva is much nicer without that cursed necklace!

When he’s not consulting with his Mantis Shrimps or inventing exciting new spells that test the limits of magic, King Manta can be found curling up in Dilatory’s enchanted underwater library with a good book. “Luckily, I had waterproofed the entire collection,” he’ll explain to anyone who asks. “Actually, they’re also enchanted against fire, mold, pests, thieves, stabbing, and even inappropriate citations. Frankly, you could wield them in battle! But please don’t.”

We hope that you enjoyed this month’s spotlight! Read more about the other Masterclassers of Habitica here.