Weekly Status Report: Final Day for T-Shirts and November Subscriber Item. Plus, Turkey Pets!

habitica shirt promo

Time is running out if you’d like some of our physical and digital apparel. It’s the last day to get your Habitica T-shirts from Teespring!  It’s also the final day to get the Wooden Warrior set by subscribing. Thanks very much for supporting Habitica — it means a lot to us.

On the subject of being thankful, last week we also celebrated Habitica Thanksgiving by giving everyone cute turkeys! Depending on how many Thanksgivings you’ve celebrated with us, you either received a Turkey pet, Turkey Mount, or Gilded Turkey pet. Thanks for being an awesome user!

Thanksgiving Promo2015CROPPED

Weekly Status Report: Hiring Senior Developer, Small iOS Update, and Last Week for T-Shirts

It’s the last week to get Habitica T-Shirts (and baby onesies) from Teespring! Available in black and purple, as well as broad and slim. If you want to get one, now’s your chance!

habitica shirt promo

Last week we also released a small iOS update containing mostly bug fixes and improvements. If you have a spare moment between checking off your Dailies, it would really help us out if you could leave us a rating or review 🙂 Thank you!

Finally, we’re searching for a senior developer! If you’d like to apply, you should have experience as a lead developer, and be a JavaScript whiz who is familiar with MongoDB and Angular. Bonus points for familiarity with our tech stack. Passion for open source is, naturally, a must 😉

To apply, send your resume to jobs@habitica.com with your Github handle, Habitica username, and list of favorite online hangouts! Please also let us know whether or not you would be able to move to Los Angeles. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Weekly Status Report: Stickers, Snake Quest, Costume Challenge Badges, and T-Shirts!

habitica shirt promo


It’s been a good week for Habitica swag! In addition to our Habitica T-shirts, we are now also selling Habitica Stickers. Display Melior anywhere for extra motivation.



Plus, we’ve awarded all the costume contest badges! if you submitted a photo but did NOT receive your badge, it probably means that we were unable to view your entry due to privacy restrictions or other issues. Email your photo to leslie@habitica.com and she will make sure that you get your badge!


Finally, last week we released a new pet quest: The Serpent of Distraction! Get it here. If you can defeat the Serpent, you’ll be rewarded with some slithering snake pets!

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: November Backgrounds, Enchanted Armoire, and iOS Update!


Last week we released three new avatar backgrounds in the Background Shop!  Now your avatar can hop across the Floating Islands, bask in the Sunset Oasis, or walk peacefully though the Night Dunes.

Plus, there is new equipment in Enchanted Armoire, a 100 GP Reward in the Rewards Column which unlocks after you’ve attained Ultimate Gear! Check out the Blue Floppy Hat, Shepherd Set, and Royal Set. May the Random Number Generator smile upon you…

Finally, we launched an awesome iOS update. It contains a total redesign and plenty of new features. Download it here! If you like the app, please consider leaving us a review. It really helps us out. If you have any questions or bug reports, feel free to email us at mobile@habitica.com, and we will be happy to help!

For those of you on Android, never fear — our dev team is working hard on the native app. To get the latest information, be sure to sign up for our Android app mailing list.

Until next week!

Weekly Status Report: Burnout Defeated, Phoenix Pets and Mounts, and Auto-Equip Gear!

It was an exciting week: in the final moments of the Fall Festival, Burnout the World Boss was finally defeated! As a reward, everyone received a phoenix pet and mount, assorted candies, and an achievement. Great job!

You can read the final chapter in the World Boss Quest Line here.


There’s also a new improvement: the ability to choose whether or not newly-purchased gear will auto-equip! Just go to the Equipment page and click “auto-equip new gear.” New players who are buying lots of gear may enjoy having this enabled, whereas more advanced players who have the perfect gear setup already may want to disable it. Have fun!