Getting Involved with Habitica’s Community



In addition to being a task manager for individuals, Habitica has an active community! If you’re interested in learning more about getting involved, there are a variety of Guilds that can help you get your feet wet.

Aspiring Legends:

One of the things that makes Habitica unique is that we’re open-source, which means that   anyone can contribute to the site and apps! Lots of our code, pixel art, music, and quests were contributed by awesome volunteers who earned plenty of contributor rewards as a result. Learn more about contributing in this Guild!

Guild Leaders and Challenge Creators

This is a place for existing and prospective Guildmasters to ask or share advice on running engaging and active guilds, and for aspiring Challenge creators to gain inspiration from others. Who knows, maybe one day your Guild will be featured on this blog…

Wizards of the Wiki:

The Habitica wiki is a tremendous resource thanks to the hard work of the many volunteers who edit it and make translations. This guild is a place to coordinate edits, to learn the ropes, and to just hang out! Current and future volunteers are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you in the community!


USER SPOTLIGHT: Thomas Frank of College Info Geek!

Welcome to the User Spotlight Series, where we talk with Habitica users who are experts in their fields. First up is Thomas Frank, the studying savant behind College Info Geek!


Hey Tom! Tell us a little about yourself.

“Hi there! My name is Thomas Frank, and I’m a guy from Iowa who spends an inordinate amount of time talking into microphones. I run College Info Geek, which is a YouTube channel, podcast, and blog that helps students learn better and become more productive. I also co-host an uncensored personal finance podcast called Listen Money Matters.”

How did you start using Habitica?

“I found Habitica back in 2014 shortly after I read The Power of Habit and The Motivation Hacker. This was around the same time I had found Beeminder as well, so I started using both in tandem and generally started taking my habits seriously.

This turned out to be one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made; up until that point, my business’ growth had been flatlining and my personal habits weren’t the best. After I started using both apps, my site’s growth took off due to a consistent publishing schedule, and my daily routine got a lot more productive. I also started making YouTube videos around that time, which really accelerated things.”

What some things you’re tracking in Habitica?

“Right now I only use Habitica for Dailies; it works in tandem with Asana for team-based tasks, Fitocracy for fitness tracking, and Beeminder for extra-hardcore publishing accountability. My current Dailies list includes:

  • Do the 7-minute workout
  • Fill the exercise bar on my Apple Watch (these first two ensure I’m exercising every day, but I also go to the gym regularly)
  • Plan next day (before bed)
  • Floss
  • Do a nightly exercise/stretching routine
  • Clear room to neutral (close all tabs, shut off computer, clean off desk, organize room)

I got knocked off my more ambitious routine this summer due to travel and some crazy work projects, so this small-ish dailies list is helping me build back up.”

You’re always juggling a lot of cool projects. What are you working on right now?

“We just finished working on a brand new edition of our student resources page, which also now includes a college packing guide. Now that we’re done with v1.0 of those pages, we’ll be starting work on our first online course very soon!”

Where do you like to hang out in Habitica?

“Lately I’ve been really working to reduce the amount of time I spend managing my productivity tools, so I’ve pretty much been logging in to check off my Dailies. My friend Martin runs our party, so I let him pick the quests we work on.

However, I did start the College Info Geeks guild, which now has over 7,200 members!”

What advice do you have for people during this Back-to-School season?

“I always find that it’s easier to make habit changes during a ‘turning point’ – a new semester, new job, new home, etc. I always liked to use my new semesters as reset periods; they provided me with motivation to set my schedule and habits to where I’d like them to be. Here are some more new semester tips if you’re curious!”

Any personal tips/tricks for using Habitica for studying?

“Experiment with making your Dailies and Habits either input-based or output-based. When I started using Habitica, I had an input-based daily reading goal: Read for 20 minutes. However, I found myself spending much of that 20 minutes daydreaming, so I wouldn’t make much progress in my book. To fix that, I switched my goal over to reading 25 pages a day – that incentivized me to stay on task while reading, and as a result I was able to read over 3,000 pages during a 3-month reading challenge.”

Thanks, Tom!

Want to learn more about studying with Habitica? Check out our School Resources!

Boss Battles

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!



Every once in a while, a Habitican will mention that their party is currently engaged in fighting one particular boss, and someone will nod sagely and say, “Ah, yes, that’s a tough one.” But if you’d like to peek at the relative difficulty level of boss fights before you buy that quest scroll for your party, the Wiki Scribes have compiled a handy-dandy reference chart for ease of adventuring!

A Boss’s Health is usually a good indicator of how long a quest is going to take and how difficult it will be. The more Health a Boss has, the longer it will take a party to defeat it. For example; a party of four that does not have a Mage or Warrior and deals an average of 10 damage per player, will take 40 days to defeat a Boss with 1200 HP but only 10 days to defeat a Boss with 400 HP.

To learn more (and to take a look at the convenient reference chart), head on over to the wiki to read the full article!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Unconventional Post!

The “Behind The Scenes” series is a chance for us to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of HabitRPG, Inc., the company that makes Habitica. Every so often, we’ll treat you to some silly staff shenanigans or show you the work that goes into your favorite features. Enjoy!

One of the best things about working on Habitica is hearing about all the ways that people have succeeded with Habitica, whether it’s working on their graduate school studies,  battling a difficult mental illness, or brushing their teeth. While we’ve been giving out Unconventional Armor since the days when we were HabitRPG, we recently hit upon a solution that enabled even more Habiticans to don masks and capes: trading postcards!

Except…we may have slightly underestimated the demand.

Stack of postcards
This is just ONE of the deliveries waiting for us when we get into the office.

As the cards kept flooding into the office, other companies who we share the space with started asking us questions.

One person actually said, “It’s like the North Pole in here!”

Some artistically-inclined Habiticans even included art! Here’s a small sampling:

However, the flip side of all of this awesome mail is that we promised to send a card for a card. That’s a lot of cards!

From the desk of Lemoness….
…while redphoenix staked out her parents’ dining room table.

We’ve even conscripted requested the assistance of some of our hardworking staff and mods to help us reply back in a timely fashion. There’s still a lot more to go….

A stack like this goes out once or twice a week!

In the meantime, Lemoness and redphoenix take a break from postcards by putting some up in the office, as promised.


Just one side of the column for now, but there’s enough to cover the entire column AND the walls.

We’re still slowly going through the postcards and will be replying to all of the ones postmarked by the deadline, so if you haven’t gotten a postcard back yet, it might still be in the “to be answered” pile. It’s a big pile, but we’re dedicated to getting back to you all! Especially if this peacock has anything to say about it.

supervising peacock cropped.gif
“What are you DOING in there?”





Welcome to the Staff Spotlight Series, where we interview amazing members of the Habitica community! Today we’re chatting with Beffymaroo, who helps to manage our community and create our pixel art.

Beffymaroo, how did you get involved with Habitica?

“I saw a post about it on Lifehacker and decided to give it a shot! I pretty much fell in love with the site, the ‘gameplay’ and the community immediately — hence it is the only to-do list system that I’ve consistently used for over 2 1/2 years now!”

What’s your proudest contribution to Habitica?

“Hmm. I’m very proud of my pixel art for sure, but I think I’m the most proud of my Socialite and Moderator work. Helping people out and keeping Habitica a safe, happy place for our players is so important to me — it’s a really unique little spot on the internet in the best possible way.”

What are your secret superpowers?

“I’m a super empath!”

What are your secret weaknesses?

“I’m a super empath!

This can be really great and helpful, when it helps you relate to people and connect with them, even when you may not have a lot in common, but it can also be stressful and emotionally exhausting!”

What are your favorite Habitican pets/mounts?

“Oh, that is a tough one. I have to say the deer pets/mounts (as you might guess!!) and the Floral Pets/Mounts are my favorites at the moment.”promo_floral_potions2

What some things you’re tracking in Habitica?

“Haha, everything! Cleaning, craft projects, my work for Habitica — and, importantly, tasks that assist me in self-care and mental health!”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I love cooking and reading. Also I have a loooong list of favorite TV shows. And I like to sew things! A lot of costumes for fantasy and re-enactment events I participate in, but also sometimes regular clothes. Oh, also said fantasy and re-enactment events — like Renaissance faires. My Mod avatar (made by the fantastic Lemoness!) is based on a photo of me in character at one such event.”

What are your top Habitica tips and tricks?

“Get social! Or even better, become a contributor! The site and its mechanics and gameplay are awesome, but I think one huge thing really helps people stick around long-term is the great community we have, from staff to contributors to just regular old friendly Habiticans who are happy to answer questions and motivate each other, as well as add to and improve Habitica itself!”

Where do you like to hang out in Habitica?

“You can often find me in Pixels In Progress or Anxiety Alliance guilds! I also am usually hanging out in the Tavern, though I’m quiet sometimes!”

Beffymaroo Art Promo


Welcome to the Staff Spotlight Series, where we interview members of the Habitica Team! Today we’re chatting with Phillip, also known as viirus. Phillip lives in Germany and is the chief developer of the Habitica iOS and Android apps. It’s thanks to his hard work that we can access Habitica on the go! 

Phillip, what’s your proudest contribution to Habitica?

“That would be the Habitica iOS app. It’s the first iOS app I wrote that actually got finished and released. Even though I’m still not entirely satisfied with it, I’m super proud of how it’s turned out so far.”

What are your secret superpowers?

“A few people have called me a cat whisperer, because on several occasions cats that normally hate new people got very attatched to me in short periods of time. As for more work-related superpowers, I learn and adapt new technologies and systems pretty fast.”

What are your secret weaknesses?

“I’m really bad at knowing when I have to take a break and relax before it is too late. Also, relaxing itself is pretty hard for me, when I keep thinking of how much more I could get done!”

Favorite Habitican pets/mounts:

“Any color variation of the panda pet. They all look like they would be good to cuddle!”

panda promo

What some things you’re tracking in Habitica?

“I mostly use Habitica to track my day-to-day tasks, like eating at regular times or cleaning.”

How do you use Custom Rewards?

“I dislike the idea of not being allowed to treat myself to something when I need it, just because I haven’t done enough work to earn it yet, so I don’t actually use any custom rewards. But rumor has it that I do allow myself to buy bigger Lego sets only after finishing big tasks.”

Do you have a daily routine/ritual?

“I try to, but I’m too disorganized. I really want to structure my day better and keep regular hours for sleeping, eating and work, but I am not there yet. I hope that with the help of some new Dailies, I will be able to change that soon.”

How do you spend your time when you’re not working on Habitica?

“The few times I manage to break away from work, I usually play video games (recently a lot of No Man’s Sky), binge watch TV shows, and occasionally tinker with electronics projects. Building Legos is also something that really relaxes me. When my growing collection recently tried to take over my workspace, I had to dissemble some, which means I will have to build them again. Twice the fun!”

Top Habitica tips and tricks?

“This might a very basic tip, but it’s really valuable: don’t add too many Dailies and don’t have too many of them active on any given day. It’s easy to end up overwhelmed and then miss important ones.”

Favorite Habitica anecdote?


“Back when I started working on the iOS app, it was originally meant as a side project to practice building iOS apps. I only started it because I grew frustrated with the old HabitRPG  app. After working on it on-and-off for about a year, I got a message asking me if I was interested in open-sourcing it as the new official Habitica app, and I eventually started working as a contractor. After a few months, I left my old job and started working for Habitica full time.”

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