Attention Mobile Developers: Habitica is Hiring!

Illustration by JessicaChase

Want to join the Habitica team? We’re looking to hire a new mobile contractor!

We’re particularly interested in people who have a good understanding of either Android development or iOS development (including knowledge of ObjC and Swift). Bonus points if you also have experience with: Core Data, Reactive Programming (ReactiveCocoa/RxJava), Realm, and Kotlin, as well as familiarity with iOS and/or Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices. Our ideal dev would be eager to push the limits of what our apps can currently do, with an eye for details, a drive to make their work both technically and visually sound, and an interest in expanding their knowledge of current advancements in the field. Diverse candidates are encouraged to apply!

To apply, send an email to with a CV that includes your experience with the  items listed above, your Habitica username, and your favorite nerdy pursuit. We can’t wait to hear from you!


First Post! Welcome to Habitica’s New Blog

Hi everyone! We’d like to extend a personal invitation to all Habiticans, whether newly arrived or veteran inhabitants: welcome to our shiny new blog!

Dread Drag'on Battle

We’ve been excitedly planning this for quite some time and we’re eager to roll out new content. Here are some of the things we’ve got in store for you:

  • In-depth looks at how to use Habitica to help with everything from schoolwork to exercise to budgeting
  • News about upcoming events, sneak peaks of future features, and  roundups of press coverage
  • Posts from the fun side of Habitica, including costumes, fanart, some of the backstories behind our beloved quests and characters, and of course, things we’ve overheard throughout the domain of Habitica
  • Spotlights on Challenges, Guilds, and most especially of all, our fantastic users!

As with everything else, this blog is a work in progress, so if there’s something you’d like to see us cover, please let us know in the comments. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Vicky and the Habitica Team