Use Case Spotlight: Making the Most of the Rogue Class

Illustration by James Danger

Which is the best Class? Well, the Habitica team might be biased, but we love all our children equally. Warrior, Rogue, Healer, Mage — they all have their own advantages, and the choice is down to what suits you best and what you find motivating. Do you want to do massive damage in Quests? Or are you more interested in hoarding all the Gold you possibly can?

To make your choice a little easier, this month’s Use Case Spotlight is the next in our series highlighting how other users get the most out of a particular class. In this case, we’re discussing the Rogue Class!

To get us started, Trangon extols some of the benefits of being a Rogue:

I choose the Rogue class for the increased drop rate. I enjoy building up my pet and mounts collection, as well as getting all equipment possible, so I invested all my experience stat points into perception. Every morning I use all my mana points to get 100-200 Gold using pickpocket on one of my most successful habits (I never use any of the other skills), which I spend on the Enchanted Armoire to get new and unique gear and food to grow my pets. With this system I always have money to buy a potion when needed (I’m a solo player). I chose this play style because I have no hurry leveling up and the new gear and pets keep things entertaining. In addition, although I have started to invest stat points in strength as well in the last months, I do enjoy the week/months long fights with quest bosses.

Allors4612 has some great tips on how to set up your stats, especially while you’re just starting out:

For beginners to Habitica (or those on Hard Mode), I recommend putting points on CON for the first few levels until acquiring the Stealth skill, to prevent excessive loss of health. In my opinion, you can put a few points on STR as well so you don’t feel useless during quests. After gaining all the skills, you’re pretty much set for life. From then on, put most of your stat points on INT to boost your increase in exp and mana. I don’t recommend putting points on PER, unless you want to earn a lot of gold or get the Triad Bingo achievement.

PixelStormArt has some great suggestions on how to use your unique Rogue class skills, and how to maximize the returns!

In terms of how I use my skills, I usually buff my party’s Perception at the start of my day using Tools of the Trade, but save a little mana to use Pickpocket or Backstab for myself. I rarely use Stealth, mainly because my party’s healer is able to heal us every day and I don’t mind taking a hit. If anything it motivates me to complete more of my dailies rather than taking an easier way out.

My top tip would be to regularly check the Skills and Buffs section of Data Display Tool, as this will tell you what the best task is for you to use your skill on and what you will gain from it. Though this tip is true for all classes, staying on top of it as a Rogue can help you optimise your gold (and xp) output from your skills.

Meanwhile, Saphykun discusses how to keep the game balanced with that massive flow of gold coming in!

Playing the rogue class meant revamping my playstyle. I’m motivated by maintaining my health pool, not by gold. Since I make so much gold from tasks, losing health is no longer a threat to me because I can always buy potions with gold. Not to mention that my party completes quests so quickly that I level up often enough – and regain my health and get more gold. Oh, and we have two more rogues in my party, and all of us cast Tools of the Trade… did I mention that we get a lot of gold? It’s almost a problem for me!

Because of that, I’ve transferred my negative habits to the rewards column. Indulging on negative habits means less gold allocated to gems and rewards that I really want. It changed the way I play, with the added side effect of managing my budget on Habitica every week. That’s a plus, I think!

If you’re interested in reading everyone’s tips and tricks, not just the edited highlights here, don’t hesitate to check out the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

This month’s focus was on Rogues, but if that’s not your idea of a good time, don’t fret! We’ve already covered Warriors and Healers, and the final Use Case Spotlight in this series will focus on the Mage class. Don’t forget, if you chip in on the next discussion, you could find your own post highlighted in next month’s Spotlight! We’d love to hear from you.

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