Making Your Days Merry and Bright: Guilds to Help With Holiday Tasks!

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The holiday season is upon us, Habiticans! In this month’s Spotlight we’re focusing just a few of the many Guilds in Habitica where you can find fellow players to support you in your quest to head into the holidays prepared for all the work involved as well as all the fun!

Seasonal Decoration Guild:

The Seasonal Decoration Guild is ready, willing, and able to help you with all your holiday prep needs! From decorating and baking to budgeting, this Guild has a great active chat and runs a number of helpful Challenges for extra motivation! Plus, this Guild is led by our very own Seasonal Sorceress, Leslie (AKA: Lemoness) 🙂

Chef’s Special:

One of the very best things about the holiday season is all the delicious food we can make and share with family and friends! If you’re in the market for recipes and ideas for holiday dinners, desserts, or other special confections, look no further than the Guild chat in Chef’s Special. This Guild also has some fun Challenges encouraging finding new recipes, trying new things, and using up ingredients.

The Procrastinators:

With the holidays so close, is it possible you’ve left some tasks to the last minute? If so, fear not! Procrastinators is here to help give you the boost of motivation you need to get it all done. They feature an active chat full of members sharing tips, as well as a bunch of great Challenges to really get you going!

The Mindfulness and Stress Relief Guild:

Finally, even though the holidays are a time of joy and togetherness, they can also bring stress. We rush through tasks, and sometimes all the time with friends and loved ones can even overwhelm us! Check out The Mindfulness and Stress Relief Guild for a supportive chat as well as Challenges created to help you slow down, de-stress, and take care of yourself.

These Guilds and many, many others are here to help you get prepared to spend your holidays ready to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. And if you’re looking for more advice on using Habitica to help with holiday tasks, be sure to read this month’s Use Case Spotlight, featuring tips and tricks from fellow Habiticans!

Use Case Spotlight: Holiday Housekeeping

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In last month’s Use Case Spotlight we featured tips and tricks from Habiticans about using the site and apps to work on better financial habits in anticipation of the holiday season. This month, as the holidays arrive, we’re looking at ways to use Habitica to motivate yourself and stay organized as you take on your important tasks to prepare for this festive time of year! These great ideas for using Habitica to set new tasks and goals related to Holiday Housekeeping come from your fellow players in the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

Dan O’Dea gets us in the mood with thoughts on preparing your kitchen for holiday cooking and baking!

Cleaned my kitchen today, including the cabinets holding my baking stuff. I looked over my pans and tossed everything that had its lining damaged. I still have too many cookie sheets but I’m not overloaded anymore.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go over your cookware and get rid of the damaged pieces you can’t use.

Gumnos uses To-Do’s to make sure all the decorations, gifts, and other seasonal traditions in their home go off without a hitch!

I usually create to-do items for holiday major tasks: getting decorations down from the attic, hanging lights, tree, other decorating, buying gifts, making cookies, correspondence, etc. Then I use the checkboxes within them for sub-tasks: lights in the kitchen/window/fireplace/etc; set up the artificial tree, light it, hang ornaments; make/bake/decorate various types of cookies (gingerbread, French butter-creams, peanut-butter kiss cookies, etc); ideating gifts for each person, purchasing them, wrapping, & shipping/delivering them; various stages of writing, editing, and sending our Christmas letter. The gifts one gets pretty huge as it’s also where I keep stocking-gift ideas and the list of thank-you gifts for school teachers, church teachers, and extra-curricular instructors.

Fishdye not only gets all their tasks done, they make sure to build in time to enjoy all the  most wonderful things about this time of year!

This year I’ve got 4 things going to help me with holiday organization.

  1. I make a to-do for the annual event I host, Pizza + Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, with a checklist for all the things that need to be done to prepare for it. Same thing with Christmas cards.

2. I use the app “The Christmas List” to keep track of gift ideas prior to the       holidays, and to organize my shopping, since you can sort your list by store!

3. Then I use another to-do for all the things. The checklist for this one includes separate items for ordering & receiving or shopping for/making, and wrapping gifts for each individual or group, decorating gift boxes–anything that needs to be done by Christmas, and even all the family members’ houses we go to on Christmas Day.

    4. I’m excited about this one! This year I’ve also created a to-do called “Necessary Niceties.” Its checklist includes things I always want to do around Christmas, like “watch it snow,” “go for a walk,” and “listen to [Handel’s] Messiah all the way through.” The sort of calm but important things that might get shoved aside for all the gift-giving preparations. And the last item in the checklist says, “Check off anything you didn’t get to, and check off this to-do.” That’s so the “niceties” are actually nice–not burdensome, but opportunities to recharge and live in the moment–to really enjoy the holidays!

You can see more helpful tips and join in the discussion in the Use Case Spotlights Guild– one of your ideas could be featured next month! Look for an announcement of next month’s theme from Bailey soon.

Also, if you missed it you may want to take a look at our most recent Guild Spotlight, which showcases groups dedicated to Money Matters!

Behind the Scenes: Habitica’s Winter Staff Retreat!

The “Behind The Scenes” series is a chance for us to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of HabitRPG, Inc., the company that makes Habitica. Every so often, we’ll treat you to some silly staff shenanigans or show you the work that goes into your favorite features. Enjoy!

Hello Habiticans! Some of you might remember that this summer the Habitica Staff took a trip to the desert for work, bonding, and more than a touch of shenanigans. This winter, with lots of exciting things on the horizon for 2018, we decided to have another retreat. This time we headed for the U.S. East Coast and invited our two designers, Apollo (AKA: Tressley) and piyorii (AKA: Sara)!

Upon arrival, our first item on the agenda was acquiring food!

Alys (on the right) takes in the uniquely American marvel of a salad composed mainly of red meat, cheese, and onion rings.

Once we arrived at the house we’d rented for the retreat, we launched straight into meetings! Meetings of all types and fashions.

Beth (AKA: Beffymaroo) shows important graphs to the team. Definitely not cat pictures. This time, anyway. [L to R: Beth, Sabe (AKA: SabreCat), Leslie (AKA: Lemoness), Alys, and Keith (AKA: TheHollidayInn)]
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(From L) Leslie, Sara (AKA: piyorii), Tressley (AKA: Apollo), and Vicky (AKA: redphoenix) have a video conference for user feedback!
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Look how serious we are. Serious at all times. [L to R: Sara, Phillip (AKA: viirus), Vicky, and Beth]
SERIOUS AT ALL TIMES. Note the big roll of paper, which should convey the seriousness. (Okay, maybe it was covered by Leslie’s sketches by the end, but those were serious too. Very serious cute winter critters and outfit ideas).
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The Big Roll of Paper featured pretty prominently in the meetings. Note the helpful plants.
The mirrored dining room at the rental house gave us the illusion of our fondest dream: that we all had doubles to help us do our work more efficiently!

We spent a lot of time talking over our plans for the new year (get excited!!) and talking over areas where we want to improve and make things even better for all you Habiticans out there. ❤

But it wasn’t all 100% serious meetings. We found some time to balance out the hard work with fun and team bonding!

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During an important supply run, Beth and Sara found the llama onesies of their dreams.
They attempted to nonchalantly join the team once they had donned their new workwear, but the fabulousness of the onesies was not to be ignored. Note Sabe’s trademark catlike alertness at the entrance of these strange creatures.
As you can see, the addition of two would-be llamas to the team only increased our productivity.

We also have some team members who really love to cook, which worked out well for everyone. 🙂

Image uploaded from iOS (4)
Vicky’s beloved sourdough starter, Fred, sacrificed part of himself for the purpose of waffle-making. A moment of silence for Fred, please, though some feeding should bring him back to his old self. Also notice Alys opening the waffle iron with her BEAR HAND!


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We even had a ramen day! Although Keith’s light-up holiday sweater really distracts from the beauty of the spread Phillip laid out for the team… ;P
‘Tis the season for distracting novelty sweaters! 😀

And for dessert, a hot chocolate bar!

What hath Sara wrought?…
…only the most delicious of abominations.

We also made it a point to take a break from our computer screens and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery near the rental house!



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All in all we had a great time! We got a lot done, but still found time to enjoy ourselves — in the true spirit of Habitica!

Until next time! 🙂

The Habitica Planner

Illustration by Vampitch

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

A new year is on the horizon, and lots of folks are thinking about ways to re-vamp their task management strategies to get 2018 off to the best possible start! Have you ever wondered if there are ways to make Habitica work better as your main or sole task manager? If so, the Wiki Scribes have some awesome tips and tricks just for you.

Read on for some ideas for using Habitica as a comprehensive planner or a central hub for your schedule, projects, and tasks.

Want to know more? Head over to the wiki to check out the full article!