Use Case Spotlight: Setting Up A Routine

Illustration by Willow the Witty

One of the most important uses of Habitica for some people is setting up a daily routine to follow. It can help keep you organized, combat executive dysfunction, and promote healthier living — but how do you get started? This month’s Use Case Spotlight shows how some people do it!

BardoVelho started the discussion by emphasising the need to start slow:

Setting up a Routine This is my experience: A new routine should always start at 10 to 20% of it’s realistic end goal, and aimed to its goal every time is going to be done. It must be a Daily, and it might have a supporting Habit (e.g.: +1 [pomodoro]). I need to measure its time, so I use a dedicated Tree or Bush in Forest App, to later easy analysis. Then I taste it for the first week and adjust it after my weekly resume. I measure time spended, energy spent, periods of the day and automatic behavior. Then I adapt it, and perfect the text on the Daily Task. I let it “steep” for 21 days and then I use the Display Data Tool to check the missing days, the strongest days, time period, and I try to compare these results with other Habits and trackers that might be related to this new Routine.
After many months, realizing that I’m not struggling with it and it becomes part of me, I transfer the routine to my second account, and watch it from a safe distance, as it might run away again If I loose track of it!

Maybe Steve Rogers has an idea that might suit people who can’t schedule a fixed day every week for their routine:

I am not good with rigid routines, so the Dailies really are an invaluable tool for me to create them. Especially for stuff that needs to be done regularly, but not frequently, I’ve found them useful. I have one Daily that’s just called “weekend” (though it’s only due on Sundays) with 6 items that I need to have done by the weekend – cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming, calling a family member, making a meal plan, thorough skin care, watering the plants, and go through my calendar and make extra sure it’s up to date. All of these things I need to do during the week, but I’ve tried having them as separate Dailies due on specific weekdays, and it just wasn’t working for me. Having them all lumped together on the weekend means I have the freedom to do them whenever I want, but still get into a habit of actually doing them (or face being busier in the weekend than I’d like to!). I like this fluidity.

StephanieFreige has an idea for helping your routines stand out and stay organized:

I actually do use headers for dailies – they are normal dailies, trivial difficulty, and meant to sort my stuff – like before work, morning, afternoon. Mostly, they combine with something easy, like “morning”: have tea at desk ready to go etc. The headers are with #
so they are bigger

And foximara has an idea for making your routines a bit more rewarding, demonstrating the flexibility of Habitica as a system!

One thing that I do as more of a reward for having a positive study routine is that I will use FCV to give myself 5 gold for every 30 minutes I spend studying. It allows me to be a little more precise in what I get in terms of rewards. Once I take the test I’ve been studying for, I will give myself mana, gold, and XP equal to the grade I receive. I don’t do this often, but it’s super effective when I do!

There are some other suggestions in the Guild, so if you’re looking for ideas, do check out the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

You could even be featured in next month’s post if you join the Guild and post something relevant to the current theme, so if you’d like that, keep an eye out for the next prompt so you can add your own tips and tricks.


New and Notable: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by Aries Faries

Habitica has a vibrant community, and new Guilds arise all the time. This year, we’re highlighting some of the newer or smaller Guilds which may not get as much traffic as Guilds that are higher up in the list. All of these Guilds have had recent activity and have a minimum number of members; they’re probably a bit quieter than more established Guilds, but they have the potential to grow. Spot something that sounds right up your alley? You know what to do!

Overheard Somewhere in HabiticaLike Overheard in New York, only with more gryphons. And… vegetables? Anyway, when someone says something absolutely perfect, this is the place to share it.

Culinary Institute of HabiticaThis Guild is set up to help people of all levels of experience and skill make tasty and timeless dishes. There’s a Challenge with a whole intro-level course in To-Dos, and other monthly handy challenges to prod you to try new things and share what you know.

The Onion PatchIf the Shrek reference in the Guild description doesn’t have you convinced already, this Guild is all about putting yourself out there and creating meaningful connections with others. There’s a monthly Challenge with a Gem prize, and a helpful community all ready to help you shuck some layers of self-protection and be your best self (hopefully without making anyone cry).

Do any of these appeal to you? If so, jump right in, introduce yourself, and share your own silly quotations, standby recipes and softer feelings! If none of these Guilds appeals, just wait until next month and there’ll be a new batch of notable Guilds that might suit your taste…


Illustration by Vampitch

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

Most people use Dailies as the core of their Habitica experience, using them to set up routines and make sure they get things done. Despite the name of the task type, “Daily” doesn’t have to mean “Everydaily” — this task type is actually really flexible. To tell you all about it, here’s a teaser from the Wiki:

Dailies are used to track tasks scheduled in a known, repeatable fashion. This allows the player to incorporate a task into their everyday routine (for example: working out, flossing) or into a weekly routine (example: Saturday morning, call to Mom). To view other examples of Dailies, refer to Sample Dailies. There is no limit to the number of Dailies the player can create.

Note that even though this feature is named “Dailies”, the player can set the Daily to repeat at other intervals on a schedule. For example, a Daily can repeat every two days, once every Saturday, etc.

Check out the full article! The page has all kinds of advice on how Dailies work, so if you have any questions then it’s a great place to start.