Use Case Spotlight: Custom Habitica Mechanics

Illustration by Vampitch

Habitica is a great app right out of the box (if we do say so ourselves!), but there’s always room for personalization. This month we’ve been asking people in the Use Case Spotlights Guild to share how they customize Habitica to create game mechanics that increase their motivation. If you’re interested in learning about how to create a Mana Potion or skip forward in time, here are some titbits other users shared about how they make Habitica more rewarding and fun!

To start with, shanaqui shared how they use the Fix Character Values feature in conjunction with custom Rewards:

Most of my customisation of Habitica uses Fix Character Values (in Settings). The most motivating thing for me is using skills (especially Tools of the Trade, when I’m a Rogue), so I have a 50 gold reward that lets me buy 25 mana to use my skills. I do also trade experience for mana, so that as a Mage I can cast lots of skills for my party without levelling up too fast.

Dewines has another tip on using Fix Character Values for good, to “loan” yourself gold for seasonal items! (There’s still time to take advantage of this in the Winter Wonderland festivities…)

I haven’t done much of this recently, but when I was new to Habitica and didn’t always have enough gold to buy seasonal outfits, I would set up a “bank” using FCV and give myself a “loan”. I used a Reward to make a note of how much I’d borrowed and then when I could afford a repayment, I could click the Reward which would deduct 50 or 100 gold (or whatever you want to set as the repayment rate). I would than edit the extra notes on the Reward to record the new value of the “loan”.

Meanwhile, MaybeSteveRogers gets round the fact that overdue To-Dos don’t damage you by using Habits:

I punish myself for missing due dates on To-Dos with a negative-only Habit set to ‘hard’ difficulty. Every day I go past a deadline, I have to click it X amount of times for each due date I’m missing. An easy or trivial To-Do means I have to click the negative Habit once, a medium difficulty = twice, and a hard difficulty one = three clicks of the negative Habit. Even with only one click a day, the Habit slowly turns more and more orange. If I’m missing hard To-Dos, the damage can quickly become devastating.

Finally, etherfly shared an amazing Collection Quest modification that soothed some of the frustrations of a low Perception stat!

Being a warrior in a small party without rogues, I was quite discouraged by collection quests (especially with the item overflow glitch), so I created a special habit “Rage: Reveal All”, that had a “rage bar” from 0 to 100 associated with it. Rage would fill a little every time when I:

  • completed a task and didn’t get a quest item, depending on task difficulty;
  • had items go over the maximum.

When the rage bar was full, I’d reset it and activate the habit a number of times to make decent progress on the quest. All other rewards – EXP, gold and mana – I rolled back using FCV.

There were some other great suggestions in the Guild, so don’t forget to check it out to see them! And don’t forget, if you participate in next month’s discussion, you could be featured in the next Use Case Spotlight blog post, as well…

Guild Spotlight: Our Favourites

With all the Guilds on Habitica, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. This year, our Guild Spotlights are going to highlight the favourite guilds of Habitica’s staff, moderators and maybe some high-level contributors! If you want to curate your Habitica experience and join active, positive Guilds, this is a great way to pick up some new ideas for Guilds to join.


We’re starting off the feature with beffymaroo‘s picks. You’ve probably seen beffymaroo around Habitica moderating the Tavern, managing the pixel art and slaying errant tasks, but these are the Guilds she favours when off-duty, and her comments about them!

Cat Lovers: “As you may have seen elsewhere I have an orange cat named Beauford who I love very much! You may have noticed the Tavern has an orange cat in it, she’s a hat from the Enchanted Armoire but slightly recolored to look more like Beauford. Cat Lovers is a very pleasant and active Guild where cat owners can ask each other advice and just generally talk about cats and cat-adjacent topics. They also have a nice Challenge for spending more time having meaningful interaction with your cat.”

Trivia Fact: The Tavern Cat is named Belleford!

Seamstress Collective: “This sewing Guild is a great place to discuss your projects and get tips and help from other folks who sew! They run some really useful monthly Challenges to help you get motivated to work on a project or use your supplies (I have a fabric hoard and this is very helpful for me!).”

Playing With Power: Nintendo of Habitica: “I’m a somewhat avid gamer when I have time (probably not a surprise!) and when I play it’s mostly on Nintendo systems. This Guild is a great place to meet fellow Nintendo fans and discuss what you’re playing, or ask about other games that interest you.”

If any of those Guilds sound exciting to you, now’s a perfect time to jump in! If not, there are lots of other Guild spotlights to browse through, and there’ll be a new spotlight next month!

Seasonal Shop

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

Have you heard of Habitica’s Grand Galas? They happen four times a year, celebrating the seasons: you can throw snowballs during the Winter Wonderland event, participate in an Egg Hunt Quest in the Spring Fling, strap on a mermaid tail in the Summer Splash, and assemble your Habitoween costume in the Fall Festival. But did you know about the Seasonal Shop? Here’s the introduction from the Wiki:

The Seasonal Shop is an option underneath the Shops tab, and is run by the Seasonal Sorceress (Siena Leslie aka Lemoness). It is open only during Grand Galas, selling seasonal items such as seasonal gear from previous years, special quest scrolls, and special transformation items only available for purchase during that season. It first opened during Winter Wonderland 2014-2015.

Check out the full article to get all the details! The Seasonal Shop is open right now until January 31st, so why not drop in?

Jump-Starting your 2020 New Year’s Resolution with Habitica


Habitica is all about pursuing goals, and so it’s no surprise that New Year’s Resolutions are a big deal in our community! Are you planning to pursue a new goal or resolution in 2020? If so, check out this list of some of our best resources to help you rise about the rest and be one of those shining stars that keeps their resolution burning bright.

1. Get Social in Habitica’s Guilds and Challenges

Habitica’s community is known for its supportiveness and positivity so it’s a great place to seek information, help, and camaraderie as you make and work to keep those resolutions. Try searching the Discover Guilds list to see if there’s anything specific to your goals.

Most Guilds in Habitica are also places where you can find Challenges related to your resolutions.


Be sure to check out the Official New Year’s Resolution Guild!

It’s a whole community just for folks pursuing their resolutions! You can find fellow players who are pursuing similar goals, discuss your plans, and get support and accountability in the active chat.

This Guild is also the home of the Resolution Success Challenge Series. Each month a new Challenge is posted, each with a special objective to help keep you motivated and excited as you work towards your goals. Plus, each month five lucky winners get 15 gems!

Here are a few more Guilds that tie into common goals and resolutions:



2. Check out some helpful blog posts with tips to help you on your resolution journey!

The Habitica blog is full of great ideas to help you set and meet your goals. You can check out tips from our team, the Wizards that build and maintain our Wiki, and from Habiticans like you!

Habitica’s staff has penned a number of posts on the blog dedicated to creating, planning, and keeping New Year’s resolutions. You can find this four-part series here.

Our Wiki Wednesday series includes some great guides for using Habitica to set and keep resolutions:

  • Read about S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting to learn a great method for setting realistic, achievable goals!
  • The Habit Loop has great information to help you build and keep healthy habits.
  • If you’re working on study or work habits, don’t miss our article on the popular Pomodoro productivity method.
  • And read up on Burnout to get tips on balancing your goals with your health and wellbeing to keep your motivation up.


Use Case Spotlights are articles about using different aspects and features of Habitica to work on goals, build habits, and improve your health and happiness. All the tips submitted in these features are written by players like you!

If you’re interested in contributing to future Use Case Spotlights, you can join the Guild here.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ve found some helpful information here to help you make 2020 the best year ever! We can’t wait to help you meet your goals. 💜



New and Notable: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by OuttaMyMind

Habitica has a vibrant community, and new Guilds arise all the time. This year, we’re highlighting some of the newer or smaller Guilds which may not get as much traffic as Guilds that are higher up in the list. All of these Guilds have had recent activity and have a minimum number of members; they’re probably a bit quieter than more established Guilds, but they have the potential to grow. Spot something that sounds right up your alley? You know what to do!

The Homeschooler’s Habitat: We know there are a lot of homeschooled people on Habitica, so this one’s for you! If you’re homeschooled, this is a great place to come and chat with folks who know where you’re coming from! It’s intended as a social space, so it’s not all about assignments.

OCD SupportThis guild is designed as a place to get support with the struggles of OCD. It can be isolating and difficult to explain to other people, but this is somewhere you can go and know you’ll be understood!

Deep Dark Reds: If you’ve been neglecting any tasks in your To Do column, you’ll know that deep dark red this guild is talking about! The guild is all about support for completing the long-standing tasks that have been shuffled to the bottom of the pile — and not just on Habitica! It’s all about support for procrastination in general.

So do any of these Guilds sound like they’re up your alley? Go ahead and jump in! Don’t forget to introduce yourself to the group if that seems on-topic for the Guild.

If none of these Guilds sound like your kinda thing, why not check out previous Guild Spotlights for more ideas?

Use Case Spotlight: Using Habitica’s Social Spaces to Motivate Yourself

Illustration by Aries Faries

Habitica isn’t just a game or just a productivity app: there are social spaces as well for all kinds of needs, and we’ve found that users often cite the social side of Habitica as part of what makes the whole concept work for them. So this Use Case Spotlight is all about how to use Habitica’s social spaces (Parties, Guilds and the Tavern) for motivation!

Aethalion gets us started with their experiences of their Party and how it works not only to keep you motivated, but also to get support when things are going wrong:

As for the new topic, I quickly realized how much more fun Habitica is when you are in a guild or a party. Doing quests is a great way to raise your responsability for completing your daily goals. I am quite happy that I never „wiped“ my party, but there have been times where my laziness was only defeated because I knew that there were my party-members being low on life and depending on me on not getting another hit by the quest-boss. I have been slain twice because a party-member was careless and demotivated…which lead to the rest of the party trying to „stabilize“ that person and to send some motivation via the chat. Being encouraged to get your things done by a group of kind persons is exactly what I think the way parties should work.

Niwaa uses their Party for a little extra accountability… 💎

But I found something to motivate myself during bosses ! I have a subscription but not my fellows, then I pay them 1 gem for every 5 points of damage I deal on them. And because I have some imagination and I like stories, I always make-up a reason why I owe them those gems (my pig stomped on their feet during the battle but they have a health insurance !). It motivate them to battle and me to do my best !

While A013 has some ideas on getting people really invested in questing together:

I recently created a challenge for my party to write our party’s backstory. The story needed to feature each of the members of the party, and tell how each member came to adventure together. The challenge is just beginning, so no stories have been submitted yet, but I’m excited to see what everybody comes up with. I feel it’s a fun way to further unite our party and give us a common story to work from as we create stories for our individual tasks.

Check out all the stories people shared for this prompt in the Use Case Spotlights Guild! And if you do join the Guild and participate in the discussion of the next prompt, you might be featured in the next Use Case Spotlight, so keep an eye out for the announcement of the next prompt…

Running a Challenge

Illustration by WillowTheWitty


It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

Challenges are great for all kinds of reasons: to get new ideas for tasks, for accountability buddies, for the chance of an extra reward for completing your tasks… and it can also be very rewarding to run challenges about things you’re passionate about. This month’s highlighted Wiki article is about running challenges:

This page explains how to run a challenge, with guidance on how to create, edit, and end a challenge. For more information on challenges, including how to participate, view the Challenges page. If you seek further suggestions for running a challenge, you may want to look at the Advanced Tips for Challenge Creators page.

Check out the full article, and maybe consider giving it a try with something you’d like to get people doing!

Use Case Spotlight: Gamifying Your Tasks

Illustration by Stefalupagus

Many Habiticans like to bring the game-world to their tasks to help motivate them to stay productive. You’re no longer studying, you’re learning arcane magicks! This month’s Use Case Spotlight is all about how other users gamify their tasks to keep things fun, and we hope it will help spark ideas for you on how you can reframe your tasks and get those sweet, sweet Gold rewards.


Saphykun got us started with a whole host of ideas, including making Dailies into mini-bosses of a sort… and reminds us when it’s important to skip the gamification, as well!

I name dailies after monsters (sorry for the strong word choices that follow). “Cull The Carnal Cavity” really means “floss teeth and use electric toothbrush”; “Hold Off The Highwayman” for checking on my finances; “Impale The Ignorant Imp” for “Reading news articles”. Personifying my dailies help sugarcoat the tasks into something I would actually do. Beating monsters always grant you xp, and so do dailies!

[…] Only To-Dos are spared from the naming convention. For me, these are one-off tasks which, if I replace with a quest title, I won’t remember their purpose or perceive the task as less important. To-Dos tend to be the most serious tasks for me, so the titles are always to the point.

RiverNord talks about bringing their favourite fandom to Habitica:

I go with the theme of a dark magical school, specifically Durmstrang (Harry Potter universe but with a lot of creative freedom to meet my goals better 🙂 So my habits are mostly classes.

Fishdye goes a step further and has little rhymes for their task descriptions:

The other thing I like to do is create a questy rhyme for some of my weekly Dailies, which I imagine being spoken by Rhys Darby’s character in the recent Jumanji movie. Most of these Dailies have more checklist items than I require to count the item as complete for the week, so we have:



for the Daily “Weekly Brotherhood”

I find this is a good way to make something with a mundane title more fun. 🙂

Meanwhile, TwilightBarker has some great ideas about really getting into the right role for their tasks:

I know that re-writing tasks with a certain theme has been suggested before, and there are even examples given in the Habitica Wiki page like changing place names or adding fun action verbs that you’d see in an RPG game. However, I’ve recently taken this idea to another level by re-writing some of my daily my tasks to sound more like occupations a character could have rather than just actions, for example: Groundskeeper (Instead of “Water Plants” or “Tend the Gardens”), Scullery Maid (Instead of “Wash Dishes” or “Polish the Silver”), etc.

I’m borrowing from some advice I heard about how it’s more effective to get people to vote by encouraging them to “be a voter” than to “go vote.” My [amateur] interpretation of the psychology behind it is that a person may feel like they have more agency/self-efficacy this way versus just having an overwhelming to-do list. It’s very motivating to think I just have to inhabit that role for 10-15 minutes and then I’m done and can check it off!

There were so many good submissions for this Use Case Spotlight that there are still lots of great pieces of advice not shared here! Check them all out in the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

Don’t forget, if you participate in the discussion of the next prompt, you have a chance of being featured in this roundup, so keep an eye out for when Bailey announces the new theme!

New and Notable: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by Hachiseiko

Habitica has a vibrant community, and new Guilds arise all the time. This year, we’re highlighting some of the newer or smaller Guilds which may not get as much traffic as Guilds that are higher up in the list. All of these Guilds have had recent activity and have a minimum number of members; they’re probably a bit quieter than more established Guilds, but they have the potential to grow. Spot something that sounds right up your alley? You know what to do!

Gamified ReadingIf you’re into scaling the slopes of Mount TBR (that’s Mount To-Be-Read) or risk falling into the clutches of the Reidmorr monster making you pile your reading list higher and higher all the time, the Gamified Reading guild is a new guild which will have regular challenges to help you make more time for reading, reduce your book purchases, and keep up with all your reading obligations!

Stitchcrafters GuildPlagued by UFOs (that’s Unfinished Objects!) and a burgeoning stack of embroidery patterns you need to get around to sometime? This guild has a chat and challenges aimed at helping you get on top of that!

MinimalismLooking for a guild to help you in simplifying, decluttering and clearing your mind? This guild is aimed at people looking for all of those things, with challenges aimed at helping you do just that in all areas of your life.

If any of these Guilds appeals to you, then go ahead and join, and don’t forget to say hi to the group or let them know what you’re aiming to do!

If none of these Guilds are up your alley, why not check out previous Guild Spotlights for more ideas? And next month there’ll be a whole new post with more ideas for potentially overlooked guilds to join!

Places in Habitica

Illustration by UncommonCriminal

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

Sometimes, in using Habitica as a productivity app, we lose sight of why it’s so effective: the game! This month’s highlighted Wiki post focuses on some of the lore of Habitica. Take a moment to discover a little more about the Habitican world through which we run as we complete our tasks and battle each Boss — remember to pack a raincoat for the Taskan Countryside, and wrap up warm to scale Mount Habitica to meet the Unicorn Queen…

Habitica is the name of both the Habitica game, and the imaginary world in which events in the game take place. It contains many locations, including virtual locations that can be visited in the game, other locations that are only mentioned in the game, and locations that are unofficial and have been imagined by members of the Habitica community.

Get a geography lesson from the full article here!