Weekly Status Report: Fall Festival Outfits, Haunted Hair Colors, Supernatural Skins, and Werewolf Subscriber Item

The Fall Festival is in full swing since it launched last week! We rolled out a variety of features.


Limited Edition Class Outfits are in the Rewards column until October 31st. Plus, last year’s outfits are available in the Seasonal Shop for gems. Be sure to stock up now, or you’ll have to wait a year to buy these items again!

2014 Fall Outfit Promo

The Haunted Hair Colors and Supernatural Skin Set are now available for purchase on the avatar customization page. Get them before October 31st, or you’ll have to wait until next year!


Plus, the September Subscriber Item has been revealed: the Werewolf Armor Set! You still have two days to subscribe and receive the item set. Thank you so much for your support – we really do rely on you to keep Habitica free to use and running smoothly.


Other highlights of the Fall Festival include Candy Food Drops that may randomly appear when you complete your tasks, NPCs in costumes, and the Fall Plot-line (catch up here). There’s plenty more in store, so get excited!

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Mantis Shrimps and Mammoths! Plus, the Fall Plot-Line Continues…

Mantis and Mammoth PROMO

Mammoth and Mantis Shrimp pets and mounts are now available from the The Time Travelers! Looks like they traveled back to Summer 2014 and Winter 2015. You can buy them with Mystic Hourglasses, which are awarded to long-term subscribers. Thanks for helping us to keep Habitica running!

Also, in case you missed it: we’ve been running a Fall Plot-line about the Flourishing Fields. Read the story so far here! Sounds like mysterious things are afoot…

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Horse Pet Quest, Challenge Spotlight, New Sound Theme, and Start Quest Button


There’s a new quest in the Quest Shop: Ride the Night-Mare!  If you complete the quest by being productive, you’ll be rewarded with some frolicking Horse pets. Good luck!

Furthermore, now you can begin a boss fight or collection quest directly from your Party Page! Just click the green Start Quest button on the left. If you already have quest scrolls, they will pop up automatically. Otherwise, it will take you directly to the Quest Shop. Enjoy the added convenience, thanks to SabreCat and Cheerskevin!

In case you missed it, there’s a new Challenge Spotlight on this blog! Check it out for some great recommended Challenges, including some about studying and self-discipline.

Finally, there’s a new sound effect theme on the site: LuneFox’s Theme! Select it from the megaphone in the upper right. It will play sound effects when you click things! Thanks, LuneFox!

Studying, Self-Discipline, and More: September Challenge Spotlight!

Every month, we will be featuring a few user-created Challenges! Join them for extra motivation, and compete with other users to win gems as you strive to meet your goals.  

Happy September!

September Studying Challenge” by shanaqui

Ends: September 20th

Prize: 5 gems

Goal: Stay on track with studying and learning goals during September!

This Challenge only runs for  a short period of time, so it’s great if you want a focused experience. The tasks help you set daily priorities and identify weak spots in your learning. Plus, it’s flexible enough to fit many different types of studying!

Achieve, Accomplish, Aspire (September)” by keyes

Ends: October 1st

Prize: 2 gems

Goal: Celebrate your successes and share what you hope to achieve next

This Challenge and its related Guild add a new twist to setting goals. As you list your priorities, you also reflect on your accomplishments. Striving for achievement can be discouraging, so it’s nice to celebrate yourself, too. You deserve it!

Fall 2015 School Habit Challenge ” by White Rose Duelist

Ends: December

Prize: 3 gems

Goal: Study diligently all semester

Similar to the September Studying Challenge, this is designed for students – but it lasts all semester long, and has more specific milestones. Don’t forget that you can add checklists to each of the To-dos to break them down into easy steps!

Self Discipline 2.0” by Elo

Ends: N/A

Prize: 1 gem

Goal: Motivate yourself to do things that you don’t want to do

This is a great Challenge for those of us who find that our motivation is still stuck on vacation. The tasks focus on doing those necessary things that are unpleasant, annoying, or just plain boring. Once you finish, there’s a custom reward for taking a well-deserved break!


Back to School Advice Challenge” by Lemoness 

Ends: September 27th

Prize: 30 gems each for all 10 winners

Goal: post your best back-to-school Habitica tips on social media

Last but not least, it would be silly not to mention the Official Back to School Advice Challenge.  Since it’s run by the Habitica Staff Team, there’s a much higher gem prize than usual. Competition is stiff, but there’s only one To-Do, so it’s pretty easy to enter. Plus, the random draw means that you have a chance at winning even if you don’t have a million followers. It’s definitely worth checking out!

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: New Armoire Items, September Backgrounds, and New FAQ!

Each week, we publish the Weekly Status Report to keep you up to date with exciting events in the domain of Habitica.


There are three new avatar backgrounds in the Background Shop! Now your avatar can visit the Habitica Tavern, shop in the Habitica Market, or ride mounts in the Habitica Stable!

Plus, there’s new equipment in the Enchanted Armoire, a 100 Gold Reward in the Rewards Column which unlocks after you’ve attained Ultimate Gear, including the Yellow Hairbow, Red Floppy Hat, Gold Winged Staff, and the Plague Doctor Item Set!

Finally, we’ve created a simplified FAQ page to help out new users. You can access it by clicking the “Help” button on the website!

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Last Chance for Cheetah Costume, Back to School Advice Challenge, and Costume Challenge Announced!

Each week, we publish the Weekly Status Report to keep you up to date with exciting events in the domain of Habitica.


Today is the final day to subscribe and receive the Cheetah Costume Item Set! If you want the Cheetah Hat or the Cheetah Costume, now’s the time. Thanks so much for your support – it’s your generosity that keeps Habitica alive.

Pixel art and friendly people... the recipe for productivity!

Also, last week we launched the official Back To School Advice Challenge! Use social media to tell us how you use Habitica to improve study habits, share stories of scholarly success with the app, or just give us your advice on using Habitica to be the best you can be.The contest ends on September 27th, and the 10 winners will each get 30 Gems! For the full rules, check out the challenge here.

Speaking of Challenges…. On October 1st, we will launch the second annual Community Costume Challenge! Dress up in real-life versions of your avatar’s armor to receive a special badge. We’re announcing the Challenge early so that people will have time to prepare costumes. Instructions on how to take part in the CCC will be posted on October 1st!