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It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

When you start Habitica, you enter our world as a level 1 Warrior, with a Training Sword to brandish at your tasks. As soon as you hit level 10, you can choose a new Class to continue your adventure, but there are lots of benefits to sticking with Warrior. This month’s highlighted Wiki article is all about the Warrior Class, describing the attributes, gear and skills that are important when you buckle on your sword and take up a shield. Here’s a little intro:

Warriors deal high damage to bosses and have more (and more powerful) critical hits on tasks, while also having good defense against task-based damage. Warrior skills can deal extra damage to bosses, increase the warrior’s own defense, and buff party members’ strength and defense. They are powerful allies to have for dealing damage in boss battles.

Sounds great, right? You can check out the full article for all the details on the Wiki!

New and Notable: Guild Spotlight

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Habitica has a vibrant community, and new Guilds arise all the time. This year, we’re highlighting some of the newer or smaller Guilds which may not get as much traffic as Guilds that are higher up in the list. All of these Guilds have had recent activity and have a minimum number of members; they’re probably a bit quieter than more established Guilds, but they have the potential to grow. Spot something that sounds right up your alley? You know what to do!

One Day At A TimeThis guild is small, but already active, having just got a new leader! The Guild is focused on dealing with addictions — a problem we know many Habiticans struggle with — using some concepts from 12 step programs. There are challenges to help support users in their personal struggles, and the chat is available for discussing your problems, or just posting the reasons you find each day to keep working on your addiction.

Habitica Heroes on KivaIf you’re a Kiva lender, this Guild is for you! There are monthly challenges for making loans, along with a scavenger hunt to encourage users to hunt around and find new loans in categories they might not have previously considered. Chat about your latest loan choice, your overall philosophy in how you lend, or anything else related to Kiva here!

Forest App Users: If you’re a fan of the Forest app, this is a great place to make more friends, pursue Challenges to plant more trees, and generally talk about how you use the app for your productivity needs!

If any of these Guilds appeals to you, then you can jump straight in, join and post. If not, check out previous Guild Spotlights, or wait for next month’s post with a whole new selection!

Use Case Spotlight: Making the Most of the Warrior Class

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Which is the best Class? Well, the Habitica team might be biased, but we love all our children equally. Warrior, Rogue, Healer, Mage — they all have their own advantages, and the choice is down to what suits you best and what you find motivating. Do you want to do massive damage in Quests? Or are you more interested in hoarding all the Gold you possibly can?

To make your choice a little easier, this month’s Use Case Spotlight is going to highlight how other users get the most of the Warrior Class!

Monstershaped extols the virtues of the Warrior class, especially for those who love critical hits!

I’m a lvl 111 Warrior – used to be a Mage but found that as a Mage I was leveling a bit too quickly (and doing too much damage via skills) to keep things interesting for me. I really like the Warrior class because I’m in a solo party and gain a lot of motivation from the grinding necessary to complete quests, which the warrior class is great for! As a Warrior you can do enough damage per hit to see meaningful progress with bosses but not so much that you’re able to do a full quest in a single day, which was a big problem for me as a Mage – if I can decimate a boss in the first few hours of my daily routine there isn’t that feeling of down to the wire excitement that comes when you’re hoping that checking off your nightly dailies will be enough to let you start a new quest before you fall asleep! (I try to use brutal smash as sparingly as I can because as mentioned I’m all about that grind ❤ .) I’d strongly recommend classing into Warrior for people who struggle with habits in particularly – nothing sets up a positive behavior loop more for me than hitting the + on my daily habits and seeing a critical hit land – and the high STR means even if you don’t crit your habits are still really impactful – really really impactful if you’re using skills.

EvergreenCash has a plan for how to use the Warrior Class to deal big damage by maximizing both Strength and Intelligence to make the best use of a unique Warrior Skill:

I have split my stat points evenly between STR and INT and this seems to work well for dealing big damage and leveling up. Before my party grew to 7 members, we had two warriors and each of us could hit for 300 – 800 each day with Brutal Smash.

Rosemara elaborates a bit on how they use the Warrior skills to the best advantage:

Skills: I reserve Brutal Smash for boss fights or when I think a habit is about to change to a more positive color, e.g. from yellow to green. Based on the wiki, I’ve learned that Valorous Presence is useful even outside of boss fights because critical hits also increase the other items awarded. I use defensive stance on myself when I know I might have a less productive day, but don’t want to go into the inn. I have heard that Intimidating gaze is not as useful as the other spells because it doesn’t reduce boss damage, but I have cast it a couple of times if I suspect that my party is about to take damage from their missed dailies or bad habits.

This month’s focus was on Warriors, but if you’re still not sold on them, don’t worry! The next Use Case Spotlight will focus on another Class. If you’re interested in reading everyone’s tips and tricks, not just the edited highlights here, check out the Use Case Spotlights Guild! Don’t forget, if you chip in on the next discussion, you could find your own post highlighted in next month’s Spotlight!