WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: March Subscriber Items, Shimmer Hair Colors, and Pastel Skin Set!

The March Subscriber Items have been revealed: the Lucky Clover Item Set! All March subscribers will receive the Lucky Hat and the Lucky Suit. You still have three days to subscribe and receive the item set.
Thank you so much for your support – we really do rely on you to keep Habitica free to use and running smoothly.
Plus, the Seasonal Edition Shimmer Hair Colors and Pastel Skin Set are now available for purchase in the avatar customization page! These skin sets will only be available to purchase until April 30th, and then they will disappear from the shop until next Spring Fling. If you buy them, though, you will have access to them year-round!


WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Spring Fling, Limited-Edition Outfits, Party Badges, and iOS and Android Updates!

It was a packed week!


We launched the Spring Fling festivities, including Limited Edition Spring Outfits available in the Rewards column for gold, past outfits and the Egg Quest scroll in the Seasonal Shop, and a continuation of the Spring Plot-line.

We also introduced two new badges that you can get: the Party Up badge, for being in a party with another person, and the Party On badge, for being in a party with at least four people. Time to hold each other accountable and battle monsters together!


Finally, we released two new updates to the iOS app and the Android app. The Android app updated again over the weekend with a new build that fixed a lot of bugs, so be sure to snag the newest version! And if you like what we’re doing, please do consider leaving us a review – it really does help us out.

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Snail Pet Quest and Spring Plot-Line!


We’ve released a new Pet Quest: The Snail of Drudgery Sludge! Habiticans everywhere are bogged down by unimportant tasks. Can you wash away the slime? If so, you’ll earn some Snail Eggs!

Plus, the Spring Plot-Line has begun! There will be further updates as the weeks progress, so be sure to read the Bailey announcements on the site and the News on the iOS app to follow along…

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: March Backgrounds and Armoire Items Revealed! Plus, UI Designer Needed

There are three new avatar backgrounds in the Background Shop!
Now your avatar can venture into a Rainforest, find precious metals in a Deep Mine, or cast spells in a Circle of Stones.

Plus, there’s new equipment in Enchanted Armoire, including the Miner Set and the Mystic Lamp. Good luck completing your tasks to earn enough gold! May the Random Number Generator smile upon you…

Also, we’re looking for UI designers with experience in UX! Do you like user-centered approaches? Are you familiar with web patterns and assets? Would you like to help us bring Habitica’s web interface up to date to visually complement the mobile apps?

If that sounds like you, and you’re interested in contributing to Habitica, please email vicky@habitica.com. We look forward to questing with you!

WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Heartbreaker Item Set and Phoenixes!


The Time Travelers have returned from the past, bearing some rare Phoenix Pets and Mounts from last fall’s World Boss battle.

To unlock the Phoenixes, you’ll need mystic hourglasses, which are awarded to people who have been subscribers for more than 3 consecutive months.


Plus, the February Subscriber Item has been revealed: the Heartbreaker Item Set! All February subscribers will receive the Heartbreaker Cape and the Heartbreaker Hood. Today is the final day to subscribe and receive the item set!

Thank you so much for your support – we really do rely on you to keep Habitica free to use and running smoothly.