Celebrating Your Achievements: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by Katy133

Sometimes, it’s easy to look at your To-Dos and think that they go on forever, especially when you get behind. It’s important to celebrate what you have done, and remember how awesome you are sometimes. Here are some guilds to help you do just that!

Achieve, Accomplish, AspireThis guild is all about celebrating what you’ve done — even if it seems really small to you! They encourage you to include something you’ve achieved, something you accomplished, and something you want to achieve tomorrow, in each post.

Awesome IntrovertsThe theme here is a little more specific. A lot of Habiticans are introverted at heart and want to fade into the wallpaper — this Guild is all about celebrating overcoming that and doing the things that scare you!

Short Term Goal AccountabilityThis guild isn’t just about getting things done! It’s also a great place to remember to celebrate what you’ve done and share it with others. They definitely want to hear about it as you turn those To-Dos into Ta-Das.

Long Term Project GuildIf you’re working towards something big, this guild is the ideal place to make plans and announce your successes along the way.

In fact, most Guilds on Habitica are supportive places where you can celebrate your on-topic achievements. Want to share the intense workout you put yourself through, or the scarf you finished crocheting? Find the right Guild for that topic and jump in!

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Use Case Spotlight: Celebrate Yourself

Illustration by Katy133

Greetings, Habiticans! It’s time for another Use Case Spotlight. Last month we were talking about learning/supporting hands-on skills; this month, we’re looking at how people use Habitica to recognise and celebrate their achievements of all kinds!

NatalieOnIce starts us off with something perfectly in the spirit of Habitica:

I have a habit for “do something good”. It counts for all kinds of things – starting a carpool, watching my mother-in-law’s dog, contacting a politician about an issue I think is important. It helps me acknowledge my own actions when I’ve gone above and beyond just the daily life. I can’t expect others to always notice my actions, but I can make an effort to notice and reward myself just a little in game.

While Langerhan talks about how Parties can support each other in doing this!

I’m in a really supportive Party and we post about things we’ve achieved or things we’re working on. It’s really nice to be able to post about finishing a red to-do and get congratulations cards from people.

Ulla Hennig actually uses the Rewards column as a way to recognise progress made:

In order to celebrate myself I put up things in the rewards section which I’d like to have but not necessarily have to have: I am an artist in my free time, and I love to go to shops where I can buy art materials like new paints, pencils, paper and such. So “buy a bottle of acrylic ink” is something I put up. I just added “drink a cup of capuccino” because I enjoy not only the cup but also the atmosphere around it – a small cafeteria around the place where I am working.

There are a couple of other suggestions to check out in the Guild, and there’s still time to discuss it. What do you do to celebrate yourself? Check out the Use Case Spotlights Guild! Even better, if you join that Guild and share your experience once next month’s topic has been announced, you could be featured in next month’s post.

Don’t forget, there’s a Guild Spotlight as well, covering Guilds that can help you celebrate yourself as well!

Grand Gala

The official 2018 Fall Festival Class Outfits! Be sure to grab yours from your Rewards column 😉

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from 
the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

If you’ve been a member of Habitica for a while, you’ve probably noticed some of the Grand Gala festivities. Four times a year, Habitica-wide events open up celebrating the season, with specially themed armor, transformation items and avatar customisation options!

The Grand Galas are the four seasonal events that happen each year in Habitica:

They usually start on or near the seasonal equinoxes or solstices and end on the last day of the following month, lasting about a month and a half total.

Check out the Wiki page to learn all about it, and follow the links to the events to learn more about what to expect from them.

Coming Soon: Unique Usernames

Illustration by Aries Faries

Hello Habiticans! We’re making a change to unique usernames! This change will be gradual and even though it won’t start rolling out until November, it’s still important to go to Settings to confirm your username as soon as you can.

Have questions about this new feature? Here are a few questions we’ve been hearing, and some answers!

What are usernames and how will they be used?

Unique usernames will allow you to invite friends to parties, Guilds, and Challenges more easily. Our team will also be able to use them to help you if you send a bug report. In the future, usernames will allow us to add the option to receive notifications if you are mentioned in chat.

What are Display Names and how will they be used?

Display names will be shown alongside your username in chat and in your Habitica profile. Your display name can have symbols and emojis if you desire, but they are not unique (people can have the same display name).

Username Diagram (1)
Where will my username appear? Will there be changes to my privacy?

Right now, you can find other players in Habitica by name in the following places: chats where they have recently posted, lists of Guild members, and lists of Challenge participants. These are the same places your username will appear – if you participate in those spaces. There are no changes to user privacy- your tasks and account information will remain private.

Can I change my username and display name?

Yes, you can change your username and display names in User>Settings. You can change them as many times as you like. However, if you change your username, your old username will become available for someone else to claim.

When will there be changes to chat? When can I start using my friends’ username to invite them to my party?

These changes will be rolled out gradually over the next couple of months. We want to give you, our community, time to adapt to changes and provide feedback that we can take into consideration throughout the roll-out process. We’ll be keeping you all informed as we go, so keep your eye out for news from Bailey!