Contributing to Habitica

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It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

Did you know that Habitica is open source and that a lot of our art and coding are done by volunteers? We have a rich contributor community, with rewards available for those who keep it up: a nifty title, gems, and even contributor-exclusive items. There are all kinds of ways to contribute, and this month’s featured Wiki post is a great jumping off point for figuring out what you can do, and how to do it!

Everyday people with everyday lives devote their time and energy to creating and maintaining everything you see here on this wiki and at Habitica. Whether you want to earn the contributor rewards and titles or you just like the open-source model, we welcome you to contribute to the project. Please jump in where you feel comfortable contributing; there are a wide range of roles available.

Feel free to join the Aspiring Legends: Contributing to Habitica guild to talk about giving back!

Check out the full Wiki post here for all the details. If you’ve always wanted that colored username or the Hydra pet, this is your chance to jump on in!

Use Case Spotlight: Hands-On and Practical Skills


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Greetings, Habiticans, and welcome to another Use Case Spotlight. Last month we took a look at getting involved in Habitica’s community, and this month we’re going a little bit further afield to dig into some user-submitted tips on how to use Habitica for learning and practising hands-on and practical skills.

First off, Fishdye has some tips which work for pretty much any kind of project you might want to use Habitica for:

After spending a bit of time in the Hard Mode guild, I’ve started thinking of my to-do’s as fitting into one quadrant or the other of the “Eisenhower Matrix.” (There are links to a couple articles about procrastination in the description of that guild, and they refer to the Eisenhower Matrix, if you want to check it out.) Quadrant 2 is where tasks that are important but not urgent fall. That’s where making progress on hands-on things usually falls for me. Initially, I had Habitica tags for Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. I found another system that worked better for me there, but I’ve recently resurrected just the Q2 tag. This helps me to isolate just the tasks that seem to fall to the wayside as I crunch through the things that have to be done each day, the “urgent” things. Filtering for Q2 first thing in the morning reminds me what I actually want to be doing with any free time I wind up with in the day, which motivates me to get my must-do’s done more quickly, not spend excessive time at lunch on amusements like phone games, and thereby actually have time for things like scrapbooking, gardening, writing, creating digital art, etc.

flaming.rutebega describes how to clearly define your goals to set effective To-Dos:

One trick I’ve done with Practical Skills is to establish an Achievement Goal as a “To Do.” It sits on my “To Do” list getting redder and redder, so when I finally achieve it, I get a big reward. The trick is to clearly define the goal so you can know when you’ve achieved it. For instance, I want to draw better for my graphic novels. But that isn’t clearly defined, how better is “better.” So I drilled down and nailed something concrete. My goal is called “Master the Head.” Under notes, I explain, “I can draw the same character over and over, in any position: head shape, hair, and facial features remain consistent and recognizable.”

Meanwhile, StephanieFeige has some great tips about how to use Habitica to pick up the skill of gardening!

Well, gardening might someday be “only” a hobby and a chore, but we are new to it – we converted some patch during the past weeks that was unused before. I started off with a smaller patch last year and now try to watch and learn. Examples? There is buddleija in it – and I picked off the web to remove withered flowers so it won’t develop seeds and spread. I cut down lavender so it will have a second bloom (THAT worked great). I put down when to do this with in this case yearly reminders – being new to this, I would forget or confound the different times or methods (e.g. collect seeds or cut seedlings; will fruit be on twigs one year old or two, cut down all or just a bit winter or summer etc.). Knowing that times will vary due to the weather I rather choose early reminders and under “notes” for the dailies noted like (for lavender): “2018: first bloom over at beginning of July, second bloom started 4 days after cutting down” (so the motivation is there for next year). It is supposed to turn out to be some gardening diary until I hopefully know anyway and can go by instinct + experience. VERY long term project. I use gardenings sites and gardening shops and books and pinterest (that’s a daily until I am on safer ground). Giving the time of the year and the hot weather during the past two months in Germany (which was not normal for us), I will have to leave most planting to next year and start with some berries, maybe a small apple tree.

If you have anything to add to these ideas, you should check out the User Case Spotlights guild! We gather ideas for this type of post every month, so maybe next time it could be your tip featured here: keep an eye out for when we announce the new topic!

Don’t forget, the Use Case Spotlight has a companion post, the Guild Spotlight!

Getting Hands-On: Guilds for Practical Skills

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Want to get hands-on and learn some new practical skills? Need to get your Habitica set-up optimised to remind you to get that DIY done, or want to talk with some like-minded folks? Here are some guilds to help you in that endeavour!

Makers of HabiticaThis guild is aimed at Makers of all stripes — food innovations, crafts, DIY, home improvement, programming, gadgets, sustainability… so you can be pretty sure of finding some like-minded people if you join here.

The Urban Homesteader’s GuildIf you’re looking to do things the old-fashioned way, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an old-hand or new to the idea: this guild is here for you! Make sure to check out the challenges, too.

DIYers, Crafters, Sewing, anything creativeThis guild has been quiet lately, but they’re a friendly crowd — maybe it’s time to start a new conversation there!

That’s all for this month. Make sure to check out the companion Use Case Spotlight as well, with lots of tips from other hands-on users.