Use Case Spotlight: Keeping Things Interesting in “Endgame”

Illustration by eyenne

For long-term users of Habitica, there can come a time when you’ve become a Beast Master, then a Mount Master, and you’ve Rebirthed twice, and you’ve done every Quest… and suddenly things aren’t so motivating anymore. That can just mean it’s time to change things up! We asked users to tell us how they keep things interesting in “endgame” (however you define that).

OverWHATHill?! starts us off with their perspective as a Habitican of five years(!) standing:

I have changed class twice now, having hit level 100 in Warrior and something ridiculous (over 300, I think) in Mage. I’m now doing Rogue, and will switch to Healer after hitting 100 here.

Other than that, I am maintaining a not-yet-recognized achievement of having acquired all the non-unique pets and mounts, i.e. those that do not depend on having been there in the very earliest days of HabitRPG. It took me over 2 years of focused effort to do that, BTW. I also collect backgrounds and keep up with the Enchanted Armoire’s special items.

One other thing that helps keep me interested is Beastmasters, the party to which I belong. The older I get, the more interesting I find other people, and I’ve been in this party long enough to know a little about some of the other members.

Little Alpaca had various pieces of advice, but here’s one in particular that stood out:

Try new things in real life : If I’m starting to get bored in Habitica, maybe it’s a sign I’m getting bored in real life. Starting a new sport, a new creative project, or learning a new language are good ways to keep real life, and Habitica, fun and new. Challenge yourself !

WrongHandedGuy has some thoughts on customizing your Habitica experience to keep things interesting:

I’ve been using Habitica since 2016, and I’ve achieved what is “endgame”, I think? Anyway, I was off for a while due to finishing all the quests and most of the medals. I came back since I function better with a list of daily tasks, and I was introduced to the “Hard Mode” guild, where people create their own game modes, in a sense, such as the “You are Poisoned” challenge. I’ve started working on my own recently, where I’ve developed an NPC sparring partner. I’m still polishing the details, but basically, I’ve made a hard level habit where I hit the plus or minus daily depending on if I had a perfect day or not. If I have to hit the minus, I get “mugged” for 10 gold (not the most honorable training buddy, but whatever). If I lose all my money, I have to release all my mounts with the kennel key. With that in mind, I suppose a win condition would be to finish all the mounts without losing them.

And finally, BardoVelho shares how they keep things interesting by linking their in-game events — like hatching Pets — to their day-to-day achievements, like completing tough Dailies:

Hatching pets is now an act for special celebration instead of just a collection thing, because I share them along with special achievements in my Twitter: that is, if I complete a special achievement, I hatch a pet or grow it into a mount. I register my small and big achievements, and even struggles, epiphanies, and any other Habitica personal and game mechanics changes, in my dedicated Twitter account that I use as Diary (I also have a Tumblr account for bigger reports).

That doesn’t cover all the advice people gave by a long chalk, so please do hop into the Guild and check out everyone’s advice! We hope this helps you figure out how to keep things interesting and perhaps add a bit of spice back into your Habitican routine!

If you’re interested in possibly being featured in one of these posts, check out the Use Case Spotlights Guild and let us know what you think on each month’s topic! The theme for next month’s post will be announced soon.


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