Use Case Spotlight: Prepping for the Holidays!


Wow, December is going by so fast, and the holidays are fast approaching!  Here are some great ideas, tips, and tricks for using Habitica to be ready for that fun, festive time of year. These tips come from players in the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

Remedie has some great ideas for To-Dos and special tags:

I have To Dos for each present, tagged with “presents”, and each with a checklist: “bought” and “wrapped.”

When I was in college, I also had a tag of “doomy dooms of end-of-semester doom” (or something suitably dramatic), and To Dos for each class, with checklists of anything major that had to be done for that class (projects, papers, presentations, exams.) before I could go home for break. It was always very satisfying to head home for Christmas knowing that I hadn’t forgotten anything.

Mikachu reminds us to keep our goals balanced, which is so important this time of year!

Putting everything I want to do for the holidays into Habitica is also helpful in giving me perspective; I may want to make presents for every family member, decorate my entire house, bake cookies as often as possible, send cards, host a party, watch my favorite holiday specials, go see The Nutcracker, etc. but when all of that is written down, I can see when I’m asking too much of myself and further, I am more easily able to pare down and cut out my holiday tasks so that I’m able to have a productive, happy holiday season, rather than a frantic, let-it-be-over one.

Shulamit offers an idea for a customized Challenge:

I create a challenge with all the things I need to do to prepare for Pesach (Passover). Each room that needs cleaning gets its own task in the challenge, and within that task, I use checklist to further clarify what needs doing in that room. I also add to-do’s in the challenge for preparing the food and the ritual. Then I add a habit for doing 30 minutes on the list.

SingOutLouise suggests a “Holiday Bucket List”:

I’ve had one for Fall (example tasks: carving a pumpkin, drinking apple cider, going to a football game, etc.) and it has been so helpful in giving me fun activities that I wouldn’t make an excuse to do for myself normally (see: go to a haunted house). It’s a very childlike version of self-care that inspires joy and excitement every time I open my ToDo list. I’ll be checking the whole ToDo off this weekend (18 items, check!!!) and getting started on my Holidays one!

There were so many helpful and exciting tips we couldn’t feature them all here! You can see them all and join in the discussion in the Use Case Spotlights Guild– one of your ideas could be featured next month! Look for an announcement of next month’s theme from Bailey soon.

Also, if you missed it you may want to take a look at our most recent Guild Spotlight, which showcases holiday-prep-themed groups. These Guilds can give you more ideas and some even have themed Challenges to give you a jump-start!


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