Guild Spotlight: Prepping for the Holidays

Habitica’s NPCs are ready to celebrate!

The holidays are a time of joy, togetherness and celebration. But getting ready for all that can really be a lot of work! This month we focus on some Guilds in Habitica that can help you to plan, prepare, and get things done so that you can sit back and enjoy the best parts of the holiday season.

Make Your Home Sweet Home

This Guild focuses on making your living space neat, happy, and welcoming, so they are ready to help you prepare to entertain guests or host holiday gatherings. Check out their themed weekly decluttering Challenges!

Financial Discipline Group:

Are you trying to save money for gifts or other holiday treats? Or maybe you’re trying to reign in your holiday spending this year? Check out this Guild for advice, strategies, and Challenges that will help you spend and save wisely.

Decluttering Devils:

Decluttering Devils are all about creating more space and a feeling of neatness and tranquility in your home. Let their Challenges motivate you to clean up that jumbled corner or closet you’ve been avoiding. You know the one!

Seasonal Decoration Guild:

This Guild is focused specifically on decorating and hosting for the holidays, and features a set of Challenges to help make the holidays stress-free no matter what you celebrate. The chat is full of people sharing pictures, swapping ideas, and getting organized so that you can indulge your holiday hobbies without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank.

These Guilds and many others are ready to motivate you to you set goals, prepare, and work toward a happy, relaxing holiday. And they’ll be helpful when you’re cleaning up after your celebrations and preparing for the New Year, too!


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