July Challenge Spotlight!

Hello Habiticans! Welcome back to our Challenge Spotlight feature, featuring challenges created and submitted by you, the community! Join them for extra motivation, and compete with other users to win gems as you strive to meet your goals.


In the Tavern: Word of the Day (Dictionary.com) Challenge – July

Ends on: August 5th
Prize: 4 Gems 

:alien: says,

The famous online dictionary website Dictionary.com has a feature titled ‘Word of the Day’ in which they select a random word every day and display it on their homepage. The purpose of this Challenge is to expose you to a new word and its definition every day to widen your vocabulary.

In the Tavern: Write 5-Star Reviews for Chance to Win a Background Set 

Ends on: July 31st

Prize: 15 gems

J9fire says,

Feeling gratitude is powerful. Expressing gratitude in public and sharing the love is way more powerful. Give thirty 5-star reviews of things you love and would recommend to others on major sites that will have an impact: Amazon, iTunes, Yahoo, Yelp, Google, Vitacost, YouTube, etc. Examples of things to review: favorite podcasts, books, games, apps, music, videos, coffee/tea, supplements, food, restaurants, shoes, fitness places, dance studios, mechanics, doctors, etc. The review should be thoughtfully written and helpful to readers.
In the Tavern: Defeating the Terrible Crushing Debt Monster
Ends on: December 31st
Prize: 1 gem
Cantras says,
This Challenge is designed to give you a set of steps to get your finances all organized, your debt paid down, and maybe even some savings squirreled away. The various steps and dailies have a lot of notes in them explaining the steps and offering links.


Got a challenge you’d like to share with us and the rest of the Habitica community? Submit it here at the Challenge Spotlight Submission Form. This is the last post that will be featured on the blog, but future spotlights will still be featured in Bailey announcements. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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