Use Case Spotlight: Pets

Illustration by Hachiseiko

Each month, our Use Case Spotlights highlight user stories and tips that can help you as you set up your own tasks, refresh things to add new challenges, or just get more motivated to keep at it! This month, we asked people to share how they use Habitica to help them take care of their pets — that’s the living, breathing kind, not the ones that hang out with your avatar!

CaptJnet had some great suggestions for taking care of her kitties, with specific examples of how to use the ability to schedule dailies to excellent effect!

I have a daily for feeding them, mostly to make sure I don’t forget to feed them their wet food for lunch or give them dinner too late.
I have a checklist daily for my evening daily cleaning and one of the items is scooping the litter.
I have a weekly for brushing them.
I have a tri-weekly for changing the litter and cleaning the litter boxes (I use a corn based litter which lasts much longer than clay).
I have a habit for playing with them.

CQMom added a To-Do idea — including a clever tip about adding the date you do the task:

Using the To Do- I have a general Things To Do This Month list, where I add the less frequent recurring jobs like changing the filter mediums and rinsing the pumps. When I actually do that particular job, I will add the date I did it, so when the month ends, I can see/plan out the next month’s target date.

ReDtheWolf has a great example of how you can set up a routine that meets multiple needs — your pet’s needs as well as your own!

I adapted AKC’s Fit Dog Program into a Habitica challenge that I used to set a goal to improve both my own daily walking and the time I spend with my dog! To qualify for the AKC reward, a dog owner needs to walk 30 minutes total (two 15 minute session for dogs or people that benefit from shorter walks) 5x a week for three consecutive months. Turning it into a habitica challenge kept me motivated to take a walk even on days where the weather was a little rainy or I was “too tired.” I was so impressed by the increase in energy in both myself and my senior dog! Walking is now a daily routine and how we both unwind from the end of the day.

leomona has a story to share, but just FYI, it does involve a pet’s terminal illness, as a warning before you read:

Habitica was incredibly useful when I was caring for my late cat who had end stage renal failure. I have ADHD, and there was a lot to keep track of – medicines that each could be up to thrice daily, supplements that needed to be added to some meals but not at all, subcutaneous fluids, weekly vet appointments but various tests on more irregular schedules, different foods that needed to be ordered early enough that she wouldn’t ever run out because it wasn’t the kind of thing the local shops stock… keeping track of all of that was extremely cognitively demanding for me even with this app’s help, and would probably have been impossible without it. And so I wouldn’t forget in between all the medical concerns, I also gave myself dailies for brushing her and for sitting with her and watching bird/squirrel videos.

She lived for nearly a year after reaching stage 4 and kept excitedly chattering away at those squirrels throughout, so I’m pretty happy with that outcome 🙂

Check out the full posts by these users and a bunch of others in the Use Case Spotlights Guild! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the new theme announcement, too: if you contribute to the next topic discussion, you could find your examples shared here to help guide other Habiticans in their own setup.

You can also check out all our past Use Case Spotlights for more ideas!

One thought on “Use Case Spotlight: Pets

  1. Mariane Silvestre

    I already started adding some pet related tasks
    I specially identify with the last case since I also have ADHD and a cat with renal disease, altough she is at stage 2. Hearing about another case and how it was sucessfull really makes me happy and hopefull


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