Use Case Spotlight: Using Habitican Events for Motivation

This month’s Use Case Spotlight focuses on how people use Habitican events to inspire and motivate themselves! There’s always something going on in Habitica, from the April Fool’s pranks to the Grand Galas to the terrifying World Bosses that menace the NPCs, so we asked users to share how these events enhance their use of Habitica.

silverivy starts us off with why they love the Grand Galas:

I look forward to the Grand Galas because I love to collect equipment and to splash some festive potions on my party members. The lure of buying a set of equipment motivates me to break down my tasks into checklists to gain more gold from checking them off. It’s a more immediate reward than collecting a set over time from Enchanted Armoires.

vtrnnhlinh loves to save up to prank their party members with transformation items!

Save Gold and Gem, and when the Grand Galas open. Yeah! Immediately buy all of the class set. Then work hard again, and waiting for something to poke my friends. Buy a lot, a lot of them. Then cast once. Wait for the next event, and cast them again. Turn my party into flowers, seafoam, ghosts,… in the same time. It’s funny and cool

PixelStormArt has fond memories of battling a World Boss:

I have only experienced one World Boss so far – the encounter with the dreaded Dysheartener. I had read about World Bosses on the wiki beforehand, but I wasn’t expecting one to come up when it did. I remember reading the build up messages before the reveal – the suspense of trying to piece all the clues together and guess what might be going on. Then, on Valentine’s day of 2018, it appeared! Habiticans from every corner of the globe began working towards a common cause to stop the cruel creature. It struck three npcs in retaliation, but each strike made us more motivated to tackle our tasks and bring the Dysheartener down. I was there on the last day – there was soooooooo much hype in the tavern – I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as busy before or since! The final blow was delivered and our hippogriff friends joined us as companions. Yay!

This event holds a special place among the Habitica events for me as it was my first (and currently only) world boss that I had experienced. Not only that, but it really brought Habiticans together and showed off the great sense of community that Habitica has. Though I know they are rare, I hope there will be more World Bosses in the future that we can all work towards defeating together.

Moderator Fox_town has some sly tricks (befitting a fox) for maximising the benefit of the Orb of Rebirth for maximum rewards around the Galas!

I know a lot of players like to use the orb of rebirth during the galas, so they can buy their seasonal class equipment for gold, then pick up the warrior gear when they’re reborn, then perhaps even age into a third class at level ten for another outfit. So the approach of a gala can inspire someone to knock off a really red to-do, or take on a challenging quest with their party, if they’re pushing to reach level 100 during an event.

How about you? Is there a Habitican event that you look forward to all year round? To join the conversation, you can hop into the Use Case Spotlights Guild — and if you share your thoughts when next month’s prompt comes round, you might find yourself featured in the next Use Case Spotlight!

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