New and Notable: Guild Spotlight

Illustration by Seus


Habitica has a vibrant community, and new Guilds arise all the time. This year, we’re highlighting some of the newer or smaller Guilds which may not get as much traffic as Guilds that are higher up in the list. All of these Guilds have had recent activity and have a minimum number of members; they’re probably a bit quieter than more established Guilds, but they have the potential to grow. Spot something that sounds right up your alley? You know what to do!

Scrapbookers and Memory Keepers: If you love your scrapbook, this guild is for you! An ideal place to chat about what you keep and how, and share advice about how to keep your scrapbook current and interesting.

What a PUNderful World: Just Have Pun! If you want to bring some light-hearted joy to your Habitican experience, this is a good place to have a punt. Okay, okay, that was barely even a pun, but you can do better!

The Combating Loneliness Guild: For many people, human interaction is an indispensable part of good mental health. This guild is a good place to reach out for help, get advice, or just get some motivation to keep on trying to make connections.

If any of these Guilds sound like a good fit, then go ahead and jump in, introduce yourself to the group and share your perspectives! If not, why not check out previous Guild Spotlights? And next month there’ll be a whole new post with more ideas for potentially overlooked guilds to join!

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