Keeping Parties Motivated

Illustration by James Danger

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

Greetings, denizens of Habitica! One of the key features of Habitica which makes it work as an accountability tool is the Party system. It’s easier to force yourself to get up and do that last load of laundry if you know the boss is going to attack your friends far too hard if you don’t, right? Parties can be more motivating when they’re active, friendly and fun, and this can be especially important to pay attention to if you’re partying up with people you only know from Habitica. This month’s featured Wiki article is on Keeping Parties Motivated:

Parties are one of the primary social features of Habitica. Players in a party have their own chat. They can cooperate on quests, send letters, and use unique items on each other. Quests are a primary means to earn unique rewards. Only players aligned in a party may participate in quests together. They can be a fun way of interacting with the game. Quests also help with accountability, and can provide support and encouragement. It is recommended that a party have no less than four members before engaging in all but the most basic quests.

Over time, even large parties or powerful party members may lose interest or experience burnout. Challenges are one of the many ways of motivating your party. This page is about other methods to keep your party engaged or entertained.

Want to read more on how to spice up your Party life? Head over to the Wiki and check out the full article.


5 thoughts on “Keeping Parties Motivated

  1. Jesse

    I wish there was a way for players to do quests on their own. I get the concept of accountability, but for some people the idea of letting down their party is incredibly stress-inducing, so they don’t form parties at all – which means they don’t get those rewards, which is sad.


  2. I find that the biggest obstacle to party motivation is that buffs and chat are in the same feed. Buffs are one of my favorite benefits of being in a party, but even in a small group, it makes it impossible to have a conversation without having to scroll through sometimes pages of buffs to see where the conversation started.
    I know this was on the to-do list, but the sooner it is addressed, the sooner I think party communication will become more viable.


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