Gatherings of Good Cheer: Guilds for Cultivating Positivity

Illustration by Katy133

This autumn, you’ll be hearing many folks around Habitica talking about all the things about the season that make them happy. Sharing these kinds of positives in your life and working to be more aware of them is an important part of self-care, and making sure you’re taking care of yourself is key as you pursue your goals. In this month’s Spotlight we’re focusing just a few of the many Guilds in Habitica where you can find fellow players to support you in your quest to create and maintain an optimistic outlook!

Happy List Guild!

The Happy List Guild is a group built around its themed Challenges! Each Challenge asks you to post a list of ten things that make you happy and fit the Challenge theme. As you make and post your own lists, you can enjoy hearing from fellow Guild members about theirs!

Good Things Today:

Good Things Today is all about sharing the little moments that make you happy every day. Check it out for an active chat full of folks looking on the bright side. Good Things Today also runs monthly Challenges where you can win gems for consistently sharing your good things!

Daily Positivity and Updates:
This Guild focuses on positivity and inspiration along with check-ins about how you’re doing on your goals and habits. The idea is to stay accountable and to cheer each other on!

The Optimists:

The Optimists is a group for those who look on the bright side, or wish to look there more often! Check out their chat for tips, recommendations, and quotes to help you shape a more positive perspective on the world!

These Guilds and many, many others are here to help you remember and focus on the good things in your life .  And if you’re looking for more advice on using Habitica to cultivate positivity, be sure to read this month’s Use Case Spotlight, featuring tips and tricks from fellow Habiticans!


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