Use Case Spotlight: Outdoor Hobbies

Illustration by Leephon

In last month’s Use Case Spotlight we learned all about different ways that folks in the community use Habitica to manage their Arts and Crafts-related tasks. This month, we’re taking a trip into the great outdoors! Here are some great tips, tricks, and ideas for using Habitica to set (and maintain!) new tasks and goals related to Outdoor Hobbies. These come from your fellow players in the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

diapasoun starts us off with a focus on outdoor time as self-care!

I have two main Outdoor Hobbies: walking and gardening. I have a self-care daily which has “go for a morning walk” as a checkbox. I also have an exercise daily due once a week, with 5 checkboxes for hitting 10k steps on 5 different days. The regular daily keeps me going each day, and the weekly helps me build a sense of long-term accomplishment. I also have a daily for checking in on all my plants: watering them, pruning, spot re-potting, whatever it is that they might need. It definitely helps keep my plants alive, and therefore makes my plants and me happy!

tanelf uses Dailies to remember to enjoy the fruits of their gardening labor.

I’m finding Habitica incredibly useful for my outdoor hobby, gardening. For years, we’ve successfully planted a food garden, but we usually struggle on the harvesting part — I just forget to go check what’s ripe at any given time, pick it, and use it.

This year, I have a handy daily — with checkboxes — that helps me remember to get out there, tend to the garden, and harvest!


Claire Wright uses To-Dos to help motivate cleanup after time with equine friends.

I have a daily set up for 30 minutes of activity; I also have habits created for 60 minutes of outdoor activity and 90 minutes of outdoor activity. I do a lot of horse riding and I am really bad at cleaning my boots and kit afterwards. I always set up a ‘To-do’ to motivate me into cleaning the mud off my boots in a timely fashion!

Eri101 uses a Challenge from a Guild to make sure to get some device-free time in their day.

I’m part of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Guild, and one of the Dailies in their challenge “First Years” involves taking some time to get away from electronics and get outside. I make sure to take some time to walk around outside while I can during my workday. Not necessarily a hobby, but something that does help me get some fresh air.

There were so many helpful and exciting tips we couldn’t feature them all here! You can see them all and join in the discussion in the Use Case Spotlights Guild– one of your ideas could be featured next month! Look for an announcement of next month’s theme from Bailey soon.

Also, if you missed it you may want to take a look at our most recent Guild Spotlight, which showcases groups dedicated to Arts and Crafts!


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