Sample Dailies

Illustration by Vampitch

It’s Wiki Wednesday! Once a month we highlight a helpful post from the Wiki with tips about productivity, wellness, and optimizing your use of Habitica!

In last month’s edition of Wiki Wednesday we looked at the Wiki Scribes’ advice about Sample Habits. Now that you’ve set up your Habits column, you might be wondering about that ever-important Dailies column.  Luckily, the Wiki Scribes have more great advice and examples to inspire you as you decide on your Dailies!

Dailies are recurring tasks in Habitica. These are the tasks that need to be taken care of either daily, or at regular intervals, or on specific days of the week. There are differences between a Daily, a To-Do, and a Habit. For a task to be a Daily, it normally needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. The task can be scheduled,
  2. The task recurs at regular times (daily or “every x days” or on certain days of the week), and
  3. The task has a measurable goal that can be checked off and forgotten about until the next day.

Want to know more? Head over to the wiki to check out the full article!


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