Use Case Spotlight: Managing Your Relaxing Hobbies

Illustration by eyenne

So far in our 2017 Use Case Spotlight series, we’ve focused on several health-related topics. We’d be remiss if we didn’t cover an often-neglected aspect of living a healthy life: taking the time to decompress and do activities that you enjoy! Here are some great tips, tricks, and ideas for using Habitica to set (and maintain!) new tasks and goals related to Managing Your Relaxing Hobbies. These come from your fellow players in the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

Juanaxo:balloon::bowtie: offers a great way to block out time for something fun and relaxing:

I created a monthly S.M.A.R.T. Goal in the Long Term Accountability Guild for a Monthly Recharge Day. Each month I pick a day to check into the Inn and on that day I will alternate crafting, cooking something complicated, or family day trip. Because I don’t want to add 12 To-Dos I decided it would work best as a Habit.


awesomelibrarian has some great ideas for finding time to mindfully relax throughout the day:

I have some of my dailies reflect my want/need to do relaxing things, such as “color for a little bit” and “read for 30 minutes.” This forces me to be more mindful throughout my day for spots when I can sneak in some me time. In the past I would have just gone through my day without thinking about reading on my lunch break or coloring while I waited for a doctor, but now I do (and it’s made me some friends!). I also keep a habit of “Do something you’re proud of” for times when I do something I never thought I would do (like go to a party with too many people, or type poems to send to friends), and need a pat on the shoulder.


akirassasin likes to take it easy by keeping things green!

I take care of cool looking plants as a way to make myself feel relaxed, but they all have different requirements (amount of water, fertilisers etc.) so I use every X days dailies to keep track of what to do 🙂

Pips the Fetid highlights the importance of remembering to de-stress when we need it most:

I started playing the ukulele after my best friend died a couple of years ago, and it helped me through some really hard times. It relaxes me and, depending on what I play, can help me work out emotions or put a smile on my face. The problem is, I often don’t think to play when I’m really stressed – and that’s when I need it most. Putting it as a habit on Habitica helps me remember to take a few minutes here and there to play and de-stress.

Katy133 keeps track of a neat creative project with Dailies!

I’m working on NaNoRenO (a month-long challenge to make a video game in one month) and have been using Habitica to help me manage my time. I have a Daily to work on it, and it’s so nice to visually see my progress increase with the Daily’s Streak number.


There were so many helpful and exciting tips we couldn’t feature them all here! You can see them all and join in the discussion in the Use Case Spotlights Guild– one of your ideas could be featured next month! Look for an announcement of next month’s theme from Bailey soon.



4 thoughts on “Use Case Spotlight: Managing Your Relaxing Hobbies

  1. Thanks for sharing these stories 🙂 I’ve recently signed up to Habitica with a few other friends and intend to use it for helping me move personal projects forward as well as keeping the family responsibilities humming.


  2. buriedinprint

    Thanks for sharing these habits and giving us something new to think about. For me, I find that idea of adding a “A little of…” as a habit (colouring, above!) particularly helpful as a way to bring something onto your daily radar that you tend to overlook but aren’t ready to make a daily of. I’m gonna think about that kind of thing now!


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