Use Case Spotlight: Living Eco-Friendly


So far in our 2017 Use Case Spotlight series, we’ve been focusing on what you can do to improve and maintain your health. But it’s also important to consider the health of our planet! Here are some great tips, tricks, and ideas for using Habitica to set (and maintain!) new tasks and goals related to Living Eco-Friendly. These come from your fellow players in the Use Case Spotlights Guild!

Inametaphor starts us out with an Earth-friendly way to begin your day!

I have a habit for “Avoided a Disposable Coffee Cup” (+ or -). When I use my travel mug, up it goes. Any time I find myself with a single use coffee cup, down it goes. This has inadvertently decreased my coffee consumption, because if I forget my travel mug, I don’t want to get dinged for getting a cup!

ProfJohnson has a special Daily to aid in recycling!

In our town we have curbside recycling pickup every other week. I have a daily setup to repeat every 14 days on the same day of the week


Cvasilevski offers some Habit and Daily ideas for more eco-conscious living:

I use Habitica in a few ways to keep my life more eco-friendly:

  1. One of my dailies (every day of the week) is to pick up at least one piece of litter lying on the ground and put it in the garbage or recycling
  2. One of my “weekly” dailies (every Sunday) is to cook all my breakfasts and lunches for the upcoming work week and freeze them in reusable plastic containers


  1. In addition to my “pick up litter” daily task, I have a positive habit for picking up extra pieces of trash and disposing of them properly. 1 piece = 1 hit on the plus sign
  2. I have a “vegan/vegetarian” habit. On days where I eat no meat, I hit the plus sign once. On days where I eat no animal products at all, I hit the plus sign twice. I ignore the habit (IE: there’s no penalty to HP) on days where I do eat meat.
  3. Buying food in bulk and buying fair trade/organic food are each positive habits
  4. Not sorting trash into proper receptacles is a negative habit (HP penalty if I don’t separate out paper from plastic, etc)

Valkry helps the Earth in a big way by adopting some feathered friends!

My BIG eco-friendly project for the last year was raising my own chickens. Lots of learning curve challenges, but I now have a tiny flock (2 Roosters & 1 Hen, not the best mix) that have survived, dog attacks and MN winters. Hope to add another full grown hen or two, and see if I can raise some chicks to fill out the flock, but for now my lil’ hen is laying an egg a day. Other then the eggs (and future chicken dinners) the best part of chickens is seeing how they LOVE the veggie scraps. It is so much more fun to watch chickens going gonzo for tidbits, then just dumping it in compost, and I still get nice batch of compost material from “deep-litter” straw from coop. Plus, my kids now have better understanding that we are part of nature- it isn’t just somewhere you visit once in awhile.

There were so many helpful and exciting tips we couldn’t feature them all here! You can see them all and join in the discussion in the Use Case Spotlights Guild– one of your ideas could be featured next month! Look for an announcement of next month’s theme from Bailey soon.

Also, if you missed it you may want to take a look at our most recent
Guild Spotlight, which showcases groups dedicated to Food and Cooking- some of the featured groups feature discussions and Challenges related to more Earth-friendly cooking and eating habits!


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