Fantastic Wizarding Guilds and Where to Find Them

Habiticans have plenty of fantastic beasts in their stables!

Are you excited for the new Fantastic Beasts movie? Lots of Habiticans are, including many of the staff and contributors! If you want to dive into some fun fandom activity in Habitica before the new movie debuts, check out these great Guilds:


This is a Guild for all Habitican Harry Potter fans. Join the chat, or check out their Challenge to help you sort into one of House-specific Guilds listed below!

Ravenclaw Common Room:

Join Ravenclaw Common Room to chat about the fandom as well as sharpen that famous Ravenclaw wit!

Hufflepuff Common Room:

Friendly, helpful Hufflepuffs gather here to chat and boost their famous hardworking and productive nature through Challenges.

Slytherin House:

Are you a resourceful, ambitious Slytherin? Join this Guild and enjoy the company of your fellow House members as well as a variety of Challenges including a book club!

Gryffindor House:

This Guild is home to the brave, daring members of Harry’s own Hogwarts House! They chat and support each other here through brave and productive deeds.

Dumbledore’s Army:

This Guild has an active and exciting chat about all aspects of the Harry Potter fandom. They also have a Fantastic Beasts-themed Challenge to motivate you to collect, feed, and care for your Habitica pets and mounts!

Have fun and use your magic powers wisely!


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