Getting Involved with Habitica’s Community



In addition to being a task manager for individuals, Habitica has an active community! If you’re interested in learning more about getting involved, there are a variety of Guilds that can help you get your feet wet.

Aspiring Legends:

One of the things that makes Habitica unique is that we’re open-source, which means that   anyone can contribute to the site and apps! Lots of our code, pixel art, music, and quests were contributed by awesome volunteers who earned plenty of contributor rewards as a result. Learn more about contributing in this Guild!

Guild Leaders and Challenge Creators

This is a place for existing and prospective Guildmasters to ask or share advice on running engaging and active guilds, and for aspiring Challenge creators to gain inspiration from others. Who knows, maybe one day your Guild will be featured on this blog…

Wizards of the Wiki:

The Habitica wiki is a tremendous resource thanks to the hard work of the many volunteers who edit it and make translations. This guild is a place to coordinate edits, to learn the ropes, and to just hang out! Current and future volunteers are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you in the community!


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