Boss Battles

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Every once in a while, a Habitican will mention that their party is currently engaged in fighting one particular boss, and someone will nod sagely and say, “Ah, yes, that’s a tough one.” But if you’d like to peek at the relative difficulty level of boss fights before you buy that quest scroll for your party, the Wiki Scribes have compiled a handy-dandy reference chart for ease of adventuring!

A Boss’s Health is usually a good indicator of how long a quest is going to take and how difficult it will be. The more Health a Boss has, the longer it will take a party to defeat it. For example; a party of four that does not have a Mage or Warrior and deals an average of 10 damage per player, will take 40 days to defeat a Boss with 1200 HP but only 10 days to defeat a Boss with 400 HP.

To learn more (and to take a look at the convenient reference chart), head on over to the wiki to read the full article!

4 thoughts on “Boss Battles

  1. To be honest I find the high-level boss battles counterproductive. They do so much damage to me and the rest of the party any time I slip up and can’t do jobs that I just snooze my character if I’ve missed any jobs and end up forgetting to unsnooze.


    1. S Leslie

      That’s perfectly fair if they’re not motivating for you! Habitica works hard to cater to a variety of play styles, so what is helpful for one user might be discouraging for another. Some tweaks that might make them more fun:

      – If taking damage is very discouraging, you could try playing a Healer, who is able to heal your party from boss attacks, and complete as many tasks as you can to max out your mana (and therefore your healing power).
      – Alternatively, you could try being a Mage or Warrior and use Burst of Flames or Brutal Smash to defeat the bosses more quickly.
      – You could make yourself an expensive custom reward that allows you to grey out a Daily during a battle so that it wouldn’t hurt your friends. This way, you’d need to work hard to either complete your Dailies, or earn enough gold to skip them.

      That being said, if you’d just prefer to opt out of your party’s battles, that’s completely fine, too! Do what motivates you the most. Good luck 🙂


  2. I’ve noticed that Skills are the dominating factor in a boss battle by far and that the party members who aren’t classes with boss-related skills are mostly irrelevant. As a mage I can just save up a full meter of MP, start a boss battle for my party, and immediately defeat the boss casting a few dozen Burst of Flames.

    Has there been any discussion on making boss battles more balanced and fun for everyone?


    1. S Leslie

      We do discuss it periodically, and actually even made some changes to balance out skills for people a while back. That being said, some people find it incredibly motivating to defeat a boss quickly by using skills, so we don’t want to remove that option completely!

      The best ways to balance it out is to have a discussion as a party about what play styles are most motivating for all of you. You might decide that a more even playing field is to challenge each other not to use damage-causing skills during battle, and instead focus only on party buffs. Good luck! In the meantime, we are working on developing bosses at a variety of difficulties to cater to more players.


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