BEHIND THE SCENES: Unconventional Post!

The “Behind The Scenes” series is a chance for us to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of HabitRPG, Inc., the company that makes Habitica. Every so often, we’ll treat you to some silly staff shenanigans or show you the work that goes into your favorite features. Enjoy!

One of the best things about working on Habitica is hearing about all the ways that people have succeeded with Habitica, whether it’s working on their graduate school studies,  battling a difficult mental illness, or brushing their teeth. While we’ve been giving out Unconventional Armor since the days when we were HabitRPG, we recently hit upon a solution that enabled even more Habiticans to don masks and capes: trading postcards!

Except…we may have slightly underestimated the demand.

Stack of postcards
This is just ONE of the deliveries waiting for us when we get into the office.

As the cards kept flooding into the office, other companies who we share the space with started asking us questions.

One person actually said, “It’s like the North Pole in here!”

Some artistically-inclined Habiticans even included art! Here’s a small sampling:

However, the flip side of all of this awesome mail is that we promised to send a card for a card. That’s a lot of cards!

From the desk of Lemoness….
…while redphoenix staked out her parents’ dining room table.

We’ve even conscripted requested the assistance of some of our hardworking staff and mods to help us reply back in a timely fashion. There’s still a lot more to go….

A stack like this goes out once or twice a week!

In the meantime, Lemoness and redphoenix take a break from postcards by putting some up in the office, as promised.


Just one side of the column for now, but there’s enough to cover the entire column AND the walls.

We’re still slowly going through the postcards and will be replying to all of the ones postmarked by the deadline, so if you haven’t gotten a postcard back yet, it might still be in the “to be answered” pile. It’s a big pile, but we’re dedicated to getting back to you all! Especially if this peacock has anything to say about it.

supervising peacock cropped.gif
“What are you DOING in there?”



26 thoughts on “BEHIND THE SCENES: Unconventional Post!

  1. Since i started Habitica, i have been so happy and fulfilled with determination to do my tasks! Also, i made my friends to join my party, and they loved the app, even more than me! I love this innovative project that i will recommend it to the world!


    1. S Leslie

      Haha, it hasn’t been traumatic! Overwhelming, sure, but in a good way. It’s very exciting to receive so many cards, even when it makes your hands hurt to respond to them all 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ryjekstowyjek

    oh oh! i didnt know that youll be replying! so if you get the card from ryjekstowyjek, my adress is ul. Polna 12, 43-190 Mikołów in Poland! 😀


      1. Krasnolud

        I think I also didn’t leave any adress for You to reply, so if You happen to see postcard from Olga ‘Krasnolud’ Drozd, then my adress is: Krzywoustego 37, 92-416, Łódź (or Lodz because polish letters can be tricky), Poland.
        And greetings to my fellow countryman from upper post.


    1. S Leslie

      We were holding a postcard Challenge that ended on August 31st, so unfortunately we’re not accepting postcards at the moment. But don’t worry, we might do it again in the future!


  3. Jadelöwe

    Thank you for the amazing postcard challenge! I love writing and receiving postcards and letters, so of cause I joined in. And I received an answer! Not only including the code, but Leslie even wrote some lines personally, answering to my writing! I cannot imagine how much time you spend answering all that cards. But I assure you that you made many Habiticans beam with joy. 🙂


    1. S Leslie

      Aw, I’m so glad that you liked it! It is indeed pretty time-consuming to answer them all, but we really wanted to include a personal touch to thank people for taking some time to send us snail mail 🙂


  4. Are you still going through postcards? My mum sent one for each of us (I’m bedbound and can’t get to a post office) and she got a reply back, but I didn’t yet. I’m assuming it’s lost somewhere in the Master In-Pile, but I thought it was worth an ask!

    Also, also, peacock. Wow. ❤


    1. S Leslie

      Yep, believe it or not, we’re still going through postcards! It’s very likely that the postcards were separated when we divided them up into piles to be answered. Don’t give up hope yet 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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