Fun with Fandom-based Guilds


Summer is upon us, and although it’s important to stay focused on your summer goals, it’s also a good time to relax. What better way to have fun than by sharing your love of games, TV shows, and other media? Luckily, Habitica has several active fandom guilds where you can chat to your heart’s content.


This is a great Guild for all Potter fans. Come proclaim your House pride, discuss favorite characters, and more.


This Guild is perfect for any and all fans for Doctor Who! Discuss the merits of your favorite Doctors and don’t blink.

Pokemon Trainers:

Do you want to be the very best, like no-one ever was? This is the place for Pokemon trainers, collectors, breeders, traders, coordinators, and lovers. All experience levels and game systems welcome!

Night’s Watch:

Game of Thrones fans unite! Discussions of the books and the show are both welcome here. Come commiserate about the untimely demise of your favorite characters and speculate about future plot-lines.

Have fun!




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