Small Improvements Add Up: June Challenge Spotlight!

Hello Habiticans! Welcome back to the monthly Challenge Spotlight feature, featuring challenges created and submitted by you, the community! Join them for extra motivation, and compete with other users to win gems as you strive to meet your goals.


In The Tavern: June 15k Writing Challenge

Starts on: June 1
Ends on: June 30
Prize: 5 Gems
Repeating challenge? No

Cheers says:

Join writers across Habitica for a 15k word sprint in June! At 500 words a day you’ll form a solid writing habit to jump start that novel, essay, or short story you’ve been thinking about. Let’s write!

Also in the Tavern: Note the Positives – June

Starts on: June 1st
Ends on: June 30
Prize: 3 Gems
Repeating challenge? No

Freelancecynic says:

All of us suffer from low self esteem every now and then. Even the president. (probably). So to help I’ve set up a challenge for the month of June. All people need to do is write down 3 positive things about themselves everyday.

Try it, and see how great you feel by the end of the month.

In the Busy Learners guild: Learn Every Day!

Starts on: May 19
Ends on: June 18
Prize: 1 Gem
Repeating challenge? Yes

Accio Books! presents: A 30 day challenge to learn something new and share it with the world!

Got a challenge you’d like to share with us and the rest of the Habitica community? Submit it here at the Challenge Spotlight Submission Form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


One thought on “Small Improvements Add Up: June Challenge Spotlight!

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