WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Veteran Pets, Maintenance, and Treeling Quest

Thank you all for your patience over the weekend during our maintenance! This is the biggest change we have made to Habitica’s code behind-the-scenes, and your support has been incredible.



To thank everyone for enduring the maintenance with cheery spirits, we’ve awarded you all a special Veteran Pet. If this was your first Veteran Pet, you’ve received a Wolf; if you already had a Wolf, you’ve received a Tiger; and if you already had a Tiger, you’ve received a Lion! Note that sometimes it can take a longer time for pets to display on the apps, but you can make them appear faster with a content refresh – for example, by going to the Avatar Customization page.

We also had some reports of users who were worried because it seemed like their parties/quests had disappeared. Don’t worry! This is a display issue that can be solved by refreshing the page to get the new code. We’re working on fixing some of the other notable bugs now, such as issues with Challenges and tags, and will be releasing some mobile app updates with lots of bug fixes later this week. Thanks for being patient as we resolve them!



In other news, last week we released a new quest: The Tangle Tree! Defeat this multi-tasking tree for a chance at some cute tree pets.

Stay tuned for more releases soon!


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