WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Sabertooth Pet Quest, New Year’s Resolution Series, Chat Reversal, and Merchandise Page

It was a busy week!


We introduced the Sabertooth pets and mounts! To get them, just pick up the Sabre Cat quest scroll from the quest shop. A ferocious feline has broken lose from the ice in the Stoïkalm Steppes, but if you attack your tasks to defeat the beast, you can earn some Sabertooth eggs.

Plus, we’ve now implemented the option to reverse the order of chat in parties, Guilds, and the Tavern! This will make it easier for those Habiticans who use screen readers to catch up on chat. To reverse the order, simply click the checkbox under the Send Chat / Fetch Recent Messages buttons that says “Show chat messages in reverse order.”



Also, our awesome Habitica merchandise is now gathered in one easy-to-access page! If you want to get our stickers or preorder the next batch of Habitica T-shirts, head on over and check it out.

Finally, we’re starting a four-part series on how to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions now that the initial magic may have worn off. Check out the first blog post now, and stayed tuned for the next post later this week. There’s even a companion Challenge that will enable you to follow along with the tips as they are posted. Enter it to set the stage for a successful year (and have a chance at winning 10 gems)!


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