Sticking to Your Resolutions, Part II: Tidy Up Last Year

This is the second in a four part series! If you missed Part I, read it here: Setting the Stage for Success


Longtime users (or Habiticans who’ve been vacationing in far-off internets) might find their dashboard filled with tasks that are no longer relevant or interesting. If you can take the time to clean up a bit, it’ll give this year’s resolutions extra room to stand out!

Here’s a suggested framework for going through your existing setup:

Start with your Dailies: Is each task something you’re still actively working on? If you consistently accomplish the Daily, you might not need the reminder anymore. Consider removing it! Remember, it can always go back on the list if you start slipping.

If a Daily has been neglected, is it because it wasn’t a high priority during the holidays, or is it something that you had hoped to accomplish more regularly and it didn’t quite stick? If the latter, consider turning it into a Habit or deleting it altogether. If you’re not ready to do either, try moving it to a someday/maybe list, either in a checklist item within Habitica or in a separate document that gets reviewed regularly.

Next, reassess your Habits. Should they be upgraded to Dailies, further tweaked for effectiveness, or removed from the list entirely?


Finally, review all your To-Dos. Have any of the tasks listed stopped being relevant, like “acquire a new dragon egg incubator” when the eggs have already hatched (and turned out to be manticores besides)? Should tasks that don’t need to be worked on *right now* be moved to your someday/maybe list or deleted? Or maybe you want to keep the To-Do, but should break it up into more actionable chunks so that it’s easier to tackle.

Remember to take breaks when necessary! This is a big and important project, and if you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, it’s helpful to take a step back so that you can re-calibrate and approach your setup with fresh eyes.


Want to read more? On to Part III, or check out Part I and Part IV!


3 thoughts on “Sticking to Your Resolutions, Part II: Tidy Up Last Year

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