Between now and January 31st, Habiticans are partying in the snow! More goodies will be coming as the event progresses, but here’s the fun so far:



Limited edition outfits are available for gold in the Rewards column during this event. Depending on your class, you can be a Cocoa Rogue, Snowboarding Sorcerer, Snow Day Warrior, or Festive Fairy! You’d better get productive to earn enough Gold before they disappear. Good luck!



Plus, the Seasonal Shop has opened! The Seasonal Sorceress is stocking the seasonal edition versions of previous winter outfits, now available for Gems instead of Gold, and the two winter quests, Trapper Santa and Find the Cub. There will be more fun things in the shop as the event progresses. The Seasonal Shop will only be open until January 31st, so don’t wait!

Finally, there’s a new pet quest in the Quest Shop: Convincing the Unicorn Queen! It will take a unicorn to purify the waters of Conquest Creek, but that means hiking through the frigid peaks of the Meandering Mountains. Can you prove to the Unicorn Queen that your cause is worthy? If so, you’ll earn some unicorn eggs!


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