Weekly Status Report: Hiring Senior Developer, Small iOS Update, and Last Week for T-Shirts

It’s the last week to get Habitica T-Shirts (and baby onesies) from Teespring! Available in black and purple, as well as broad and slim. If you want to get one, now’s your chance!

habitica shirt promo

Last week we also released a small iOS update containing mostly bug fixes and improvements. If you have a spare moment between checking off your Dailies, it would really help us out if you could leave us a rating or review 🙂 Thank you!

Finally, we’re searching for a senior developer! If you’d like to apply, you should have experience as a lead developer, and be a JavaScript whiz who is familiar with MongoDB and Angular. Bonus points for familiarity with our tech stack. Passion for open source is, naturally, a must 😉

To apply, send your resume to jobs@habitica.com with your Github handle, Habitica username, and list of favorite online hangouts! Please also let us know whether or not you would be able to move to Los Angeles. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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