WEEKLY STATUS REPORT: Spooky Pets, October Armoire Items, Product Hunt Feature, and Costume Challenge!

Halloween PetsPROMO

Between now and October 31st, you can buy Spooky Hatching Potions from the Market and use them to hatch any standard pet egg. They like all food, so you can raise them easily into mounts!

Also, there is new equipment in Enchanted Armoire, a 100 GP Reward in the Rewards Column which unlocks after you’ve attained Ultimate Gear! Click on the Enchanted Armoire for a random chance at special Equipment, including the Black Cat Hat, Orange Cat Hat, Midnight Shield, and Bat Wing Wand.


We’ve also launched the Community Costume Challenge! Between now and October 31st, dress up as your avatar in real life and post a photo on social media to get the coveted Costume Challenge badge! Read the full rules on the Challenge page.

Finally, our iOS app has been featured on Product Hunt.  Awesome!


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