Weekly Status Report: Fall Festival Outfits, Haunted Hair Colors, Supernatural Skins, and Werewolf Subscriber Item

The Fall Festival is in full swing since it launched last week! We rolled out a variety of features.


Limited Edition Class Outfits are in the Rewards column until October 31st. Plus, last year’s outfits are available in the Seasonal Shop for gems. Be sure to stock up now, or you’ll have to wait a year to buy these items again!

2014 Fall Outfit Promo

The Haunted Hair Colors and Supernatural Skin Set are now available for purchase on the avatar customization page. Get them before October 31st, or you’ll have to wait until next year!


Plus, the September Subscriber Item has been revealed: the Werewolf Armor Set! You still have two days to subscribe and receive the item set. Thank you so much for your support – we really do rely on you to keep Habitica free to use and running smoothly.


Other highlights of the Fall Festival include Candy Food Drops that may randomly appear when you complete your tasks, NPCs in costumes, and the Fall Plot-line (catch up here). There’s plenty more in store, so get excited!


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