Studying, Self-Discipline, and More: September Challenge Spotlight!

Every month, we will be featuring a few user-created Challenges! Join them for extra motivation, and compete with other users to win gems as you strive to meet your goals.  

Happy September!

September Studying Challenge” by shanaqui

Ends: September 20th

Prize: 5 gems

Goal: Stay on track with studying and learning goals during September!

This Challenge only runs for  a short period of time, so it’s great if you want a focused experience. The tasks help you set daily priorities and identify weak spots in your learning. Plus, it’s flexible enough to fit many different types of studying!

Achieve, Accomplish, Aspire (September)” by keyes

Ends: October 1st

Prize: 2 gems

Goal: Celebrate your successes and share what you hope to achieve next

This Challenge and its related Guild add a new twist to setting goals. As you list your priorities, you also reflect on your accomplishments. Striving for achievement can be discouraging, so it’s nice to celebrate yourself, too. You deserve it!

Fall 2015 School Habit Challenge ” by White Rose Duelist

Ends: December

Prize: 3 gems

Goal: Study diligently all semester

Similar to the September Studying Challenge, this is designed for students – but it lasts all semester long, and has more specific milestones. Don’t forget that you can add checklists to each of the To-dos to break them down into easy steps!

Self Discipline 2.0” by Elo

Ends: N/A

Prize: 1 gem

Goal: Motivate yourself to do things that you don’t want to do

This is a great Challenge for those of us who find that our motivation is still stuck on vacation. The tasks focus on doing those necessary things that are unpleasant, annoying, or just plain boring. Once you finish, there’s a custom reward for taking a well-deserved break!


Back to School Advice Challenge” by Lemoness 

Ends: September 27th

Prize: 30 gems each for all 10 winners

Goal: post your best back-to-school Habitica tips on social media

Last but not least, it would be silly not to mention the Official Back to School Advice Challenge.  Since it’s run by the Habitica Staff Team, there’s a much higher gem prize than usual. Competition is stiff, but there’s only one To-Do, so it’s pretty easy to enter. Plus, the random draw means that you have a chance at winning even if you don’t have a million followers. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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