How to Use Habitica for School

For many people, it’s time to head back to school — and back to stress. Luckily, there are some easy ways that Habitica can make the school year much less daunting: tagging, due dates, and start dates!


Breaking It Down: Tag for School Subjects

Most students have to juggle tons of different subjects, but it can be hard to keep track of tasks when they’re all jumbled together. That’s where Tags can come in handy! Think of them as a school divider for your computer screen.

Create a separate Tag for each subject. Keep the Tag selected while you add new tasks to automatically sort them into that Tag! Working from a specific Tag can keep you focused. Plus, if you have separate Habits and Dailies for each subject, you can easily see if you’re neglecting a class.

A tag for every subject! Even the obscure ones.

Turning It In: Try Due Dates

It’s a sad truth about school: at some point or another, assignments are due. Luckily, you can stay ahead of the game with Due Dates for To-Dos.

It’s easy to add Due Dates to To-Dos by editing them on the website. When you get your syllabus, be sure to add all the important dates so that you don’t lose track of them! If you want to automatically see them sorted in order by Due Date, just press the “Dated” tab and voila! A straightforward list that tells you what you have to do and when you have to do it.

This essay is due on September 23rd. (To-Dos > Edit > Due Date)
This essay is due on September 23rd. (To-Dos > Edit > Due Date)

Working Ahead: Use Start Dates

But what if you don’t want to study for your December Final Exam when its only September? That’s where Start Dates come in handy.

When you create a Daily on the website, you can add a Start Date, and it will not be active until then! This can be very useful.

Imagine you check your syllabus and see that your final exam is on December 20th. You decide to start studying one month in advance, so you create a Daily with a Start Date of November 20th. It’s still September, so your “Study for final” Daily isn’t due, and it won’t hurt your avatar. But when November 20th rolls around, that “Study for Final” Daily will pop up in your list, reminding you to open those books and get cracking!

I don't have to start studying until November! (Dailies > Edit > Advanced Options > Start Date)
I don’t have to start studying yet!
(Dailies > Edit > Advanced Options > Start Date)

And more!

Tags, Due Dates, and Start Dates are only three of the features on Habitica that can help your academic aspirations. You can learn many more by checking out some of our helpful Guilds and user-generated Challenges, where a vibrant community of students is working to support each other.

Until next time… stay productive, and have fun!
— Leslie and the Habitica Team


5 thoughts on “How to Use Habitica for School

  1. Christian Meneses

    What if you have a to-do task (not a daily task) that starts after a specific date? There is no start date option for to-dos


    1. S Leslie

      In that case, you could either give yourself a “reminder Daily” to add the To-Do when its appropriate, using a start date, or make an “Upcoming” Tag for To-Dos that aren’t relevant yet, with a due date of the day when you need to move it into your regular tags. Personally, I use the reminder Daily option!


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