Communities to Help You with Back to School Season

School is starting up again, and that means a whole new set of obligations. When you’re leaving the lazy days of summer and feeling the pressure to be productive, it can help to have a community to cheer you on.

As you face this fearsome foe, consider joining these Guilds to stay motivated!

Pixel art + friendly people = productivity!
Pixel art + friendly people = productivity!

The Scholars Guild
“For the stressed high schoolers, the college students who always pull off all-nighters, or any person who just wants to learn.”
There’s a reason that the Scholars Guild is the most popular Guild in Habitica. It has an active chat for students of all ages, where people frequently compare their Most Important Tasks for the day (MITs) and lend each other helpful advice. It also features tons of useful Challenges to help you sharpen your quills and get to work.

The Graduate Student Guild
“A guild for graduate students or prospective graduate students. Use Habit to complete that thesis, dissertation, or other big foreboding project.”

Here there be grad students! In this guild focused on higher education, you’ll find students posting their research goals and commiserating about their dissertations. Heavy workloads are lightened by fun challenges such as “Hit the scrolls” to motivate you to keep up with all your work!

Teacher’s Union
“A guild for all the teachers out there. Whether you teach kindergarten, university, or anything between. Tutors welcome as well. Come here to learn new methods, share resources, or just complain about unruly students.”
It isn’t only the students who are heading back to school. Now that the summer is over, this community for teachers is filling with faculty members. Come swap teaching tips and stay accountable for your lesson plans.

And more!

Even for Habiticans who have long since graduated, there are plenty of ways to learn a thing or two. Keep your mind sharp with guilds based around other learning platforms, such as Coursera Conscripts, a Guild for Habiticans taking free online courses through Coursera, or the Duolinguists of Habitica, who encourage each other to learn new languages via Duolingo.

So don’t waste time! Head over to the site and check out these stellar scholarly communities.


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